The septic tank registration process is now under way, according to the Minister for the Environment.

Phil Hogan made the announcement at an Oireachtas committee this afternoon.

A public information campaign, including details of who and when to register, is to be launched.

Mr Hogan has urged householders to register their septic tank on a reduced fee of €5, which will apply until 28 September.

After that a €50 registration fee will apply.

There will be no charge for inspection.

Proposals to introduce a charge on the registration of septic tanks have already caused Mr Hogan some difficulties.

Earlier this year, he was accused by his opponents of doing a U-turn on the proposed €50 registration charge.

The minister said today budgetary constraints will have an impact on the amount of funding that will be made available for households carrying out works to upgrade septic tanks.

The minister said in each case the most cost-effective manner of upgrading will be sought.

He also said an appeals process will exist for those who are unhappy with the inspection findings.

Earlier, Mattie McGrath was asked to leave the meeting after he refused to withdraw an accusation he made about Minister Hogan telling lies about septic tank legislation.