The system to deal with the registration of septic tanks will not be up and running for at least another month, the Dept of the Environment has said.

In February, Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan announced that people could pay a smaller registration charge of €5 if they registered between April and June.

Proposals to introduce a charge on the registration of septic tanks have already caused Minister Hogan some difficulties.

Earlier this year, he was accused by his opponents of doing a U-turn on a proposed €50 registration charge.

Today, the Department of the Environment said that the system to register the septic tanks is currently being tested. It added that it could be a month or more before the system is up and running.

It is expected that the three-month period of reduced registration fee will only commence from the day that registration is open.

Nearly 500,000 septic tanks throughout the country will be liable to be registered by March 2013.