A leading amateur boxing coach has been sentenced to eight years in prison for child abuse.

Frank Mulligan from Smithboro, Co Monaghan had pleaded guilty to two counts of raping a 14-year-old boy in 1998.

Mr Justice Paul Carney said he believed, that given the nature of the offences and the manner in which they were carried out, that Mulligan would re-offend again if given the chance.

However, he said if he took meaningful action to prevent that from happening his decision would be set aside by the Court of Criminal Appeal.

He sentenced Mulligan to eight years imprisonment with the last two years suspended.

Mulligan is currently serving prison sentences for sexually abusing boys while he coached them at the Smithboro Boxing Club.

The father of another of Mulligan's victims criticised the sentencing policy highlighted by Mr Justice Carney.

Speaking after the hearing, Gerry Smyth whose son Gerard was abused by Mulligan but who waived his right to anonimity, said such sentencing was unfair.

He said in his view Mulligan should be sent to prison for the rest of his natural life.

He also urged other victims of Mulligan or anyone who had suffered abuse to come forward and report it.