A large sum of cash has been found inside the lining of a pair of curtains that were donated to a charity shop in Dublin.

The money was pinned inside the lining of the curtains that were handed in to Barnardos in Rathmines.

The amount of money has not been disclosed but the children's charity said it is in "the thousands".

A woman donated a pair of curtains to the charity shop at around 1.30pm last Wednesday.

Director of Marketing and Fundraising at Barnardos Ruth Gui said they are very keen to speak to the women in question.

She said the woman may not even be aware that the cash was in the curtains and may have been taking them down for someone else or clearing out somebody's house.

Ms Gui said the charity is assuming that the money was not intended as a donation and "we're keen to let her know that it was in the curtains and if she could drop back into the shop, so we can reunite her with the cash".