The Wicklow County Board has confirmed that a substantial amount of cash was taken from the senior hurling team's dressing room during its match against Down in Trim yesterday.

A total of six players had money taken from their wallets during the game. No other items were stolen.

The spokesman said he could not confirm how much was taken, but it is reported that the total sum involved hundreds of euro.

The spokesman said the team and back room staff were absolutely shattered and shocked when they realised what had happened.

Dressing rooms are usually locked during matches. Yesterday, the dressing room was unlocked when the team returned at half time and at the end of the match, the spokesman said.

But he added that it was unclear whether or not the room had been locked in the team's absence.

The spokesman confirmed that a whip-around had taken place among the other team members, back room staff and board officials, and the money was used to compensate the six who were out of pocket.

He said appropriate steps are being taken in the aftermath of the incident, and the county board would be in touch with Croke Park over the matter.

"Those who are out of pocket will have to be looked after. They cannot not be expected to shoulder such a loss because in this day and age such a thing shouldn't happen."

The team won the match, which secures their place in Division 2A next year.