The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has said it is dismayed and deeply disappointed that information regarding the ongoing Prime Time Investigates report has become public.

In a statement this afternoon, the BAI said it will review how such information was made available.

According to a report in today's Irish Times, the report by the BAI will find that the programme was unfair, and breached the privacy of Fr Kevin Reynolds.

The report on the investigation into the programme, carried out by former BBC Northern Ireland controller Anna Carragher, has not yet been published.

However, The Irish Times claims to have seen briefing notes used in the preparation of the document.

RTÉ has said the leaking of the information has undermined the ongoing regulatory process.

Last Thursday, the BAI sent RTÉ a copy of its report into the Prime Time Investigates programme, which resulted in the defamation of Fr Reynolds.

The report has not yet been published as the broadcaster and the programme's production staff have 14 days to respond.

The Irish Times report also says that a fine towards the upper end of the €250,000 allowed under legislation could be proposed.

RTÉ has said it will not comment on The Irish Times story, saying it would be inappropriate to do so while the BAI document is still being evaluated.

The broadcaster said it was disappointed that the report was leaked in circumstances where it prejudices RTÉ's response to the investigation, and that of the programme makers.