New laws to regulate the clamping industry are expected to be published within two months.

An Oireachtas Committee, which was examining the industry, is expected to recommend that private clamping companies be licensed and regulated.

Their report, which is due to be published tomorrow, is also expected to call for a ban on clamping in sensitive areas, such as hospital and an independent appeals process.

This is the first time an Oireachtas Committee was asked to help draft new legislation.

Once published the new law is expected to include recommendations that clamping companies should be vetted by gardaí as well as being tax compliant and trained.

It is also likely to recommend that release fees are standardised, linked to local authority rates and capped at a maximum amount, while operators may be banned from using premium rate numbers for the release of clamps.

The Irish Parking Association has been calling for regulation for some time.

However, it said it would not comment on the report until it had read it in full.