Minister of State for Europe Lucinda Creighton has said it is quite clear that mistakes have been made in the handling of the Household Charge.

Ms Creighton said there was a run of unfortunate events including the fact the printing company retained to distribute leaflets went out of business leaving people without information.

She said that has been rectified now and Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has worked very hard to get information out in the last number of weeks.

Minister Hogan briefed Cabinet colleagues about the Household Charge this morning and outlined plans to place adverts in local and national media in the next few days.

Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform Brendan Howlin said people are anxious to pay the charge and the Government needs to make sure they can do that "with facility".

He said there is a tradition that people like to get a bill so they know what is owed and how to pay it.

Asked whether he thought the collection of the charge has been handled badly, he said the “proof of the pudding is in the eating”, and the Government needs to make sure everyone pays on time and the charge is fair and just.

25% of households have paid charge

25% of people had paid the Household Charge by close of business today.

More than 395,000 payments have been processed, with a further 38,000 received by post but not yet inputted into the system.

The numbers processed have increased by almost 32,000 since yesterday afternoon.

82% of those processed have been paid online.