The National Library of Ireland is holding an 'Antiques Roadshow'-type event next week, looking for World War One memorabilia to form part of a European living history project.

Around 200,000 Irish men fought in the first World War and many of their stories are long forgotten, however the National Library of Ireland hopes to find and record as many of them as it can.

It is part of attempts by the European Digital Library to build the first-ever online archive of World War One personal memorabilia.

As part of its contribution the National Library is looking for all sorts of memorabilia that people may have stored in their homes dating back to World War One.

It wants anything of a personal nature and is especially interested in letters, photographs, pocket books, diaries, bibles, medals and uniforms.

The National Library will be accepting relevant memorabilia on Wednesday 21 March from 10am to 7pm.

Anybody who brings their precious memorabilia will be able to bring it home with them again, as library staff will scan the items and digitally catalogue them on the spot.

Historians and experts will also be on hand to advise people on the significance of their memorabilia.

For more information on the digital archive of World War One memorabilia see the website of Europeana - The European Digital Library.