Labour TD Patrick Nulty has called on his Government colleagues to bring legislation forward to deal with the Supreme Court X case judgment, which was made 20 years ago today.

Mr Nulty, who lost the Party whip in December, said it had been Labour party policy for many years to legislate for the X case, and he said he hoped that Labour would bring forward legislation in this Dáíl term.

At least 4,000 Irish women travel to the UK and elsewhere for an abortion each year, according to a spokesperson for the Feminist Open Forum Ailbhe Smyth.

Ms Smyth said there has been a denial on the part of six successive governments to tackle the issue.

When the C case came before the European Court of Human Rights last year, the Government was told that it must legislate and clarify the situation following on from the Supreme Court judgment.

Socialist Party TD Clare Daly said: "It is a little ironic when you consider all the time being spent on septic tanks and so on, supposedly because Europe tells us and yet when it comes to women's health, they don't feel any imperative to address this issue."