Gardaí investigating the murder of Rudo Mawere, whose body was found in a travel bag in Dublin on Sunday, have sealed off a flat on Aughrim Street.

They secured a warrant from the District Court last night and began a search of the flat.

The flat is around 1km from Blackhorse Avenue, where the body of the 26-year-old woman was found on Sunday morning.

Ms Mawere was a student who came to Ireland from Malawi two years ago and also had been working as a care worker in a Dublin hospital.

She was living in Rathmines, but gardaí believe she had been in the flat in Aughrim Street not long before she died.

That flat is being forensically examined to establish whether it was the place where she was killed.

A man whom she knew lived there and gardaí are trying to contact him and to establish if he is still in the country.

Gardaí have also interviewed the other tenants in the house, which is divided into flats.