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RESULTS: Presidential results by constituency

Friday updates:

2359 This tracker is now finished. For more live updates, click here.

2358 Watch Dana's interview outside Dublin Castle.

2350 Transfers: Count 2 - 24 of 43 constituencies returned

2345 John Kilraine: Rechecking of votes is continuing in Dublin West - it is expected to last another half an hour.

Although a number of discrepancies in transfer votes have been identified, they are not expected to affect the current standing of the candidates.

Checking of some 2,000 non-transferable votes is now under way.

If the result of the fourth count stands then Ruth Coppinger (SP) will be eliminated.

The fifth count of votes will then be between Patrick Nulty (Lab) and David McGuinness (FF) with a result not expected until 1am at the earliest.

2342 David McCullagh: The result of the second count in the Presidential election is due to be announced shortly, but it's not yet clear if counting is to continue into the early hours, or will be adjourned until the morning.

The final result of this election has been clear since shortly after ballot boxes were opened 14 hours ago - Michael D Higgins will comfortably win the election, after topping the poll with 39.6% of the vote.

He had the most votes in 35 of the 43 constituencies, with Sean Gallagher winning seven, and Martin McGuinness one.

2315 Among the institutions celebrating Michael D Higgins’s performance will be NUI Galway.

The result means that alumni of NUIG, or UCG as it was previously known, will now likely occupy the positions of President (Michael D Higgins); Taoiseach (Enda Kenny); Tánaiste (Eamon Gilmore); and Attorney General (Máire Whelan).

2313 Count 2 with 8 of 43 constituencies returned

2252 The latest information now is that the full Second Count will not be completed until around 12am.

2250 Donegal North East Second Count RESULT: McGuinness 34.1% (+541 votes); Gallagher 30.6% (+661); Higgins 24.9% (+519); Mitchell 5.8% (+245); Norris 3.2% (+123)

2249 Here is how the Presidential count is being covered in some of the foreign press:

The Guardian: 'Michael D Higgins to become Ireland's next president'

France24: 'Leading contender concedes as ex-minister looks set for presidency'

The New York Times: 'Labour Candidate Ahead in Irish Vote'

Xinhua (China): 'Irish voters choose president from varied candidates'

Daily Mail: 'Labour's Michael Higgins is Ireland's new president after a tidal wave of voters flood to him at the last minute'

Time Magazine: 'Ireland Picks President from Packed Field'

The Financial Times: 'Higgins set for Irish presidency'

Deutsche Welle: 'Ireland elects new president'

2248 Another graphic - this one with the breakdown of votes after the two second counts completed so far

2234 Tipperary South Second Count RESULT: Higgins 37% (+523 votes); Gallagher 35.5% (+438); McGuinness 13.5% (+156); Mitchell 8.5% (+230); Norris 4.8% (+118)

2233 Limerick City Second Count RESULT: Higgins 50.8% (+504 votes); Gallagher 23.3% (+355); McGuinness 12.5% (+138); Norris 6.4% (+137); Mitchell 6.3% (+253)

2231 The Presidential returning officer says the second count is progressing quickly and as of now she intends to continue until the final result is declared.

2213 Waterford has just finished the Second Count and the figures have been sent to Dublin Castle.

All three county constituencies in Cork have begun their Second Count while in Kerry North/West Limerick, Limerick City & Limerick County - the second count is also underway.

2210 Sean O'Rourke is presenting election radio coverage now.

2148 Speaking in Dublin Castle, Gay Mitchell said he was delighted for Michael D Higgins, whom he said would make a fine President. He said that his wife Sabina will be an excellent first lady.

Mitchell said the country had made a decision which the country must respect, he said he would work with Higgins . Mitchell said thanked his wife and children and his family for their support.

2137 Speaking to RTÉ's Fran McNulty Mary Davis said the campaign was "dirty" and was "more difficult" at times than she had expected. She said she hoped she was a role model for others in the future.

Davis also said that she wanted to thank her supporters and family and her team, she said everyone was dedicated and gave a lot of passion and enthusiasm. She said he campaign started well and she said she found it difficult to come back from the hard time she went through.

2134 Watch the moment when Joe Higgins requested a recount in the Dublin West by-election

2123 Louth RESULT: Higgins 36.3%; Gallagher 29.6%; McGuinness 20%; Norris 5.5%; Mitchell 4.1%; Davis 2.3%; Scallon 2.2%

2122 Laois-Offaly RESULT: Gallagher 37.6%; Higgins 31.8%; McGuinness 13%; Mitchell 6.6%; Norris 6%; Scallon 3%; Davis 2%

2121 Richard Dowling: Louth finished counting first preferences hours ago. Waiting for call from Dublin before we can declare apparently.

2115 National FIRST COUNT: Higgins 39.6% (701,101), Gallagher 28.5% (504,964); McGuinness 13.7% (243,030); Mitchell 6.4% (113,321); Norris 6.2% (109,469); Scallon 2.9% (51,220); Davis 2.7% (48,657).

Quota was 885,882.

Scallon and Davis excluded

2100 David Norris, Gay Mitchell, Michael D Higgins and Sean Gallagher have all arrived at Dublin Castle.

2059 The Socialist Party's Joe Higgins has described as "quite outrageous" comments made by the Fine Gael Minister Leo Varadkar, about his call for a full recount in the Dublin West by-election.

Speaking on RTÉ earlier, Varadkar accused the Socialist Party of "wasting time and public money" in calling for a full recount in the by-election.

2055 Arriving at Dublin Castle with his wife and children, Michael D Higgins said he is "very pleased" with his performance in the Presidential campaign.

He said he would await the official result but thanked the media for its courtesy during what he called a "very long campaign".

2051 Speaking on RTÉ this evening Fine Gael Minister Leo Varadkar said the result of the Presidential election "is a bad result for Fine Gael".

On the Dublin West by-election, Varadkar accused the Socialist Party's Joe Higgins of "wasting time and public money" in calling for a full recount.

2048 The sorting of votes in the referendum on judges' pay has begun at the Citywest count centre in Dublin.

A rough tally ballot papers from the Dublin South and Dublin Mid-West constituencies are showing a yes vote of around 70%.

2047 Joe Mag Raoillaigh: Gallagher and Michael D Higgins both due shortly at Dublin Castle.

2043 Are you patiently waiting on a result like the dog below? (pictured outside a polling station in Finglas) Send us your election images -

Polling station dog

2035 Full recount ordered in Dublin West

2034 Cavan-Monaghan RESULT: Gallagher 45.1%; McGuinness 20.6%; Higgins 19.8%; Mitchell 7.1%; Norris 2.8%; Scallon 2.7%; Davis 1.8%

2024 Associated Press says an "elfish 70-year-old lawmaker" is on course for victory. Possibly topping AFP's "elderly Irish poet" description...

2022 Galway West RESULT: Higgins 57.6%; Gallagher 18.5%; McGuinness 10.7%; Mitchell 4.6%; Scallon 3.5%; Norris 3.3%; Davis 1.8%

2019 The returning officer in Wicklow, Patricia Casey, has revealed that an incorrect perforation stamp was issued to the Holy Rosary polling station in Wicklow.

32 ballot papers with a 'Z' stamp (the exact stamp that is being used in the Dublin Central constituency) were identified in Wicklow and set aside for further investigation. They have now, however, been deemed to be valid ballot papers and have been included in Wicklow's figures for the first count.

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2014 Want to read more about the "amiable" Micheal D Higgins. Here's the AFP report in full.

2006 Presidential returning officer Ríona Ní Fhlanghaile said she expects the first count around 8:30pm.

At this stage she says she still hopes to conclude all counts tonight.

2005 Statement from former President Mary Robinson: "I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to Michael D. Higgins on the election results which show that he will be inaugurated as the ninth Uachtarán na hÉireann. "

Conor McMorrow analyses the results of the Red C ''Recall'' poll for RTÉ - which largely reflect what has been seen in the early count results.

2002 Tipperary North RESULT: Gallagher 35.6%; Higgins 34.8%; McGuinness 11.8%; Mitchell 8.2%; Scallon 3.7%; Norris 3.7%; Davis 2.3%

2000 Carlow-Kilkenny RESULT: Higgins 36.7%; Gallagher 33.8%; McGuinness 12.4%; Mitchell 7.7%; Norris 4.8%, Scallon 2.7%; Davis 1.9%

1959 David McCullagh: With first counts declared in 38 of the 43 constituencies, Sean Gallagher has topped the poll in four (Cork North West and Cork South West, Donegal South West, and Roscommon-South Leitrim), and Martin McGuinness in one (Donegal North East).

Michael D Higgins came first in the rest.

1954 Longford-Westmeath RESULT: Higgins 35.5%; Gallagher 33.7%; McGuinness 13.1%; Mitchell 7.5%; Norris 4.8%; Scallon 3.4%; Davis 2.1%

1953 Roscommon-South Leitrim RESULT: Gallagher 36%; Higgins 31.8%; McGuinness 14.6%; Mitchell 6.5%; Scallon 4.4%; Norris 3.7%; Davis 3%

1951 Wicklow RESULT: Higgins 41.6%; Gallagher 28.4%; McGuinness 11.6%; Norris 8%; Mitchell 4.8%; Davis 3.1%; Scallon 2.4%

1951 As previously mentioned, AFP is reporting the victory of our "elderly Irish poet". The Guardian has also focused on the poetry - posting the appropriately titled MDH poem "When will my time come?"

1947 Dublin West By-Election 4th Count RESULT: Ruth Coppinger excluded after count four, however a full recount has been ordered after just 18 votes separated the Socialist Party candidate from Fianna Fáil's David McGuinness.

1946 Kerry South RESULT: Higgins 36.7%; Gallagher 30.6%; McGuinness 14.9%; Mitchell 7.3%; Norris 3.9%; Scallon 3.9%; Davis 2.7%

1944 Kerry North-West Limerick RESULT: Higgins 37.9%; Gallagher 29%; McGuinness 16.8%; Mitchell 6.5%; Norris 3.8%; Scallon 3.7%; Davis 2.2%

1937 Waterford RESULT: Higgins 38.7%; Gallagher 31%; McGuinness 13.6%; Mitchell 5.9%; Norris 5.8%; Scallon 2.9%; Davis 2.2%

1933 Limerick RESULT: Higgins 38.7%; Gallagher 33.5%; McGuinness 10.6%; Mitchell 7.8%; Norris 3.7%; Scallon 3.4%; Davis 2.2%

1927 Bryan Dobson: RTÉ/Red C Áras telephone poll - A quarter of all non-Higgins voters gave second preference to Higgins

1922 Agence France-Presse: "Elderly poet wins Irish presidency"

1918 Clare RESULT: Higgins 44.3%; Gallagher 31.4%; McGuinness 10.5%; Mitchell 5.4%; Norris 3.6%; Scallon 2.8%; Davis 1.9%

1917 Dublin North West RESULT: Higgins 38.8%; Gallagher 20.3%; McGuinness 19.9%; Norris 10.6%; Mitchell 4.4%; Davis 3.7%; Scallon 2.3%

1916 Cork South Central RESULT: Higgins 45%; Gallagher 24.9%; McGuinness 14.1%; Norris 6.5%; Mitchell 4.7%; Scallon 2.8%; Davis 2%

1914 Cork North Central RESULT: Higgins 37.6%; Gallagher 28.1%; McGuinness 20%; Norris 5.1%; Mitchell 4.7%; Scallon 2.9%; Davis 1.7%

1912 Dublin North Central RESULT: Higgins 46.4%; Gallagher 20.1%; McGuinness 11.2%; Norris 10.5%; Mitchell 5.9%; Davis 3.5%; Scallon 2.5%

1911 Richard Dowling: The sorting of votes in the referendum has begun in the Louth constituency. It's early stages but it seems very close.

1902 Statement from Dana Rosemary Scallon:

"His wife Sabina and his family are a great support to him and I hope that their time in Aras an Uachtaráin will be happy and successful. I'm sure the supporters in Galway are particularly proud of him at this time'.

1857 Wexford RESULT: Higgins 36.2%; Gallagher 33.9%; McGuinness 14%; Mitchell 6%; Norris 4.8%; Scallon 2.5%; Davis 2.5%

1856 David McCullagh: With 23 of the 43 constituencies having announced a first count, Sean Gallagher has topped the poll in three - Cork North West and South West, and Donegal South West, while Martin McGuinness came first in Donegal North East.

All the rest saw Michael D Higgins topping the poll, as he will nationally once the final results are in.

1852 Speaking on RTÉ's 6.1 programme, Justice Minister Alan Shatter has defended Gay Mitchell's poor showing saying a lot of Fine Gael voters supported Michael D Higgins in the election contributing to his win.

Mr Shatter rejected a suggestion that Fine Gael had let down Mr Mitchell and said the party had worked very hard.

1850 During the analysis of disputed votes that has just finished, it emerged that 32 ballot papers were found in the Holy Rosary National School ballot boxes (ballot box: 188) in Wicklow town that were perforated with a stamp from the Dublin Central constituency.

29 of these ballot papers listed Gallagher as the number one candidate, two for Higgins and the other one was for McGuinness.

These votes are currently not being counted and have been set aside until a satisfactory explanation can be found.

1844 Meath West RESULT: Higgins 34.4%; Gallagher 33.5%; McGuinness 14.9%; Mitchell 6.1%; Norris 5.9%; Scallon 2.7%; Davis 2.5%

1841 Speaking on RTÉ's 6.1 News Labour leader Eamon Gilmore said Higgins won because he ran a positive campaign from the start.

He also accepted Sean Gallagher's performance on Monday night's Frontline programme had a big impact on the result.

1834 Statement in from Martin McGuinness: "In the course of the past four weeks I have campaigned in every one of Irelands 32 counties. Thousands of people have worked on my campaign and I wish to extend my thanks to each and every one of them. I also want to thank all of those who came out and voted for me yesterday.

"I wish to extend my congratulations to Michael D, his wife Sabina and his family. He will make a fine President and I wish him well for his seven years in the Aras.

"I am delighted with the strong vote I have received. My message of positive leadership, patriotism and commitment clearly was resonating with tens of thousands of ordinary Irish people. I believe that Irish people do want a new type of politics and a new Republic based upon equality and respect."

1833 Cork South West RESULT: Gallagher 35%; Higgins 33.9%; McGuinness 13%; Mitchell 8.5%; Norris 4.3%; Scallon 3.2%; Davis 2.2%

1832 Limerick City RESULT: Higgins 49.3%; Gallagher 22.2%; McGuinness 12.1%; Norris 6%; Mitchell 5.6%; Scallon 2.9%; Davis 1.9%

1831 Mayo RESULT: Higgins 38.3%; Gallagher 25.2%; McGuinness 11.9%; Davis 9.4%; Mitchell 9.2%; Scallon 3.2%; Norris 2.8%

1827 Meath East RESULT: Higgins 38.1%; Gallagher 32.2%; McGuinness 11.7%; Norris 6.7%; Mitchell 6.3%; Davis 2.8%; Scallon 2.3%

1827 Statment just in from Gay Mitchell: "This afternoon I telephoned Michael D Higgins and congratulated him on his success in becoming the President-elect. Mr Higgins will make an excellent President and his wife, Sabina, will be an excellent first lady. My loyal support is with them and I wish them every blessing for the years ahead."

1825 During the analysis of disputed votes that have just finished, it emerged that 16 ballot papers were present in Wicklow constituency ballot boxes that were perforated with a stamp from Dublin Central.

14 of these ballot papers listed Gallagher as the number one candidate. These votes are currently not being counted and have been set aside until a satisfactory explanation can be found.

1824 Hacks hard at work at Dublin Castle...

1821 Cork North West RESULT: Gallagher 38.4%; Higgins 34.3%; McGuinness 11.6%; Mitchell 7.6%; Norris 3.7%; Scallon 3%; Davis 1%

1819 Cork East RESULT: Higgins 36.6%; Gallagher 34.4%; McGuinness 13.8%; Mitchell 6%; Norris 4.3%; Scallon 3%; Davis 2.1%

1817 Dublin West By-Election THIRD COUNT: Eithne Loftus excluded after count three

1812 Labour Mayor of Clonmel, Cllr Darren Ryan, said he thought it was great news for the party in South Tipperary and extended congratulations to Higgins and looked forward to welcoming him to Clonmel as President of Ireland.

1809 Dublin North-East RESULT: Higgins 43.9%; Gallagher 21%; McGuinness 13.2%; Norris 10.3%; Mitchell 5.1%; Davis 4.4%; Scallon 2.2%

1806 Sligo-North Leitrim RESULT: Higgins 36.5%; Gallagher 29.3%; McGuinness 16.1%; Mitchell 7%; Norris 4%; Scallon 3.8%; Davis 3.3%

1756 Galway East RESULT: Higgins 46.2%; Gallagher 28.9%; McGuinness 10.4%; Mitchell 6.2%; Scallon 3.6%; Norris 2.5%; Davis 2.3%

1753 Kildare South RESULT: Higgins 40.2%; Gallagher 31.4%; McGuinness 11.5%; Norris 6.3%; Mitchell 5.4%; Davis 3%; Scallon 2.1%

1747 Dublin South Central RESULT: Higgins 39.9%; McGuinness 16.6%; Gallagher 15%; Mitchell 12.1%; Norris 11.4%; Davis 2.7%; Scallon 2.3%

1734 Mary Davis has sent her best wishes to Michael D Higgins on Twitter - "Congratulations Michael and wishing you every success for the next 7 years in the Aras."

1731 Tipperary South RESULT: Higgins 35.4%; Gallagher 34.1; McGuinness 13%; Mitchell 7.8%; Norris 4.4%; Scallon 3%; Davis 2.4%

1724 Donegal South-West RESULT: Gallagher 32.3%; McGuinness 28.4%; Higgins 23.1%; Scallon 5.8%; Mitchell 5.3%; Norris 3%; Davis 2.1%

1723 Justice Minister Alan Shatter has dismissed claims that people were not voting in the referendums on judges' pay and Oireachtas powers because they did not know what they were voting for.

Minister Shatter has described as "complete nonsense" the idea that politicians wanted to get into the bedrooms of people to investigate them.

1720 Dublin West by-election SECOND COUNT: Donnelly and O'Gorman excluded

1719 Dublin Central RESULT: Higgins 44%; Gallagher 16.4%; McGuinness 16.1%; Norris 12.9%; Mitchell 5%; Davis 2.9%; Scallon 2.7%

1717 Dublin South East RESULT: Higgins 53.5%; Gallagher 13.7%; Norris 11.7%; Mitchell 8.2%; McGuinness 7.5%; Davis 3.2%; Scallon 2.2%

1714 Votes on the referendum on judges' pay are being sorted in Dundalk at the moment. There is an overwhelming vote in favour.

1710 Michael D Higgins has topped the poll in seven of the eight constituencies that have so far issued results.

1708 Dublin North RESULT: Higgins 44.8%; Gallagher 25.5%; McGuinness 10.4%; Norris 9.8%; Mitchell 4.4%; Davis 3.2%; Scallon 1.8%

1705 Former Presidential candidate Mary Banotti says she would like to congratulate Higgins, who will make a "lovely President". She said she thinks it was a time for male President. We needed to be careful that the office of President "didn't become feminised".

1704 Donegal North East RESULT: McGuinness 32.2%; Gallagher 28.2%; Higgins 23.1%; Scallon 6.7%; Mitchell 4.9%; Norris 2.8%; Davis 2.1%

1659 The Director of Elections for Gay Mitchell, Charlie Flanagan, said he still believes Mitchell was the best out of the seven candidates on offer.

Flanagan refused to say whether he believed Mitchell was the best candidate out of the three put forward within the Fine Gael party.

1657 "As we got closer to polling day, Irish people were beginning to think about the day to day job of being the President of Ireland." says Eamon Gilmore

1655 Statement from Seán Gallagher: "In the last hour I've called Michael D Higgins to congratulate him on his performance and his success in this election. He will have my full support as President and I sincerely thank him for a positive campaign. His slogan stated that he would be a President to be proud of and I believe he will be that President."

1653 David McCullagh: While most of the attention today has focused on the remarkable victory of Michael D Higgins - there's also a by-election going on in Dublin West.

The first count was announced in the last half hour, and again it's good news for Labour, with Patrick Nulty topping the poll with 24.3% of the vote.

But in second place is Fianna Fáil's David McGuinness, with 21.7% - 5% higher than the party got in February's General Election.

1652 Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said the vote for McGuinness is "remarkable" when you take into account where Sinn Féin was seven, eight, nine years ago.

He said McGuinness' entry in the race changed the debate and said he would like to think that will continue.

On the issue of IRA victims, which came to the fore during the campaign, Mr Adams said his party have to be "strategic" and "mindful" of the genuine grief and hurt of families caught up in IRA violence. He said it was not a case of "offending the dissidents".

Mr Adams said Michael D Higgins will be a fine President.

1651 Dublin South RESULT: Higgins 51.1%; Gallagher 20%; Norris 9.8%; Mitchell 7.3%; McGuinness 6.5%; Davis 3.3%; Scallon 2%

1650 Joe Costello, who was Director of Elections for Michael D Higgins, says the Labour Party picked the best candidate and "when you pick the best candidate, you can't go wrong".

He said Higgins had always been a figure who had been involved in so many other circles. He said he was "an academic and a statesman". He said Higgins had a "broad appeal".

Despite the polls showing huge support for Seán Gallagher this time last week, Costello said he still believed Michael D would win the election. He added that he went to Paddy Power and "put quite a few bob on Michael D at 7/4".

1648 Only 83 out of 156 boxes were tallied arising out of a shortage of tallymen in Cork North Central. Higgins was ahead of the pack with 37.1%, with Gallagher following on 28.6% and McGuinness coming third on 19.9%.

Gay Mitchell received just 5% of the vote. Tallymen indicate that he did not pick up a single vote in four boxes in Cork North Central, namely in the areas of Mayfield, Gurranabraher, Farranree and Churchfield.

McGuinness, buoyed by the campaigning of local Sinn Féin TD Jonathan O'Brien, picked up large numbers of votes in the northside of the city. The final tally had Norris on 5%, Scallon on 2.8% and Davis on 1.7%.

1642 Dublin West RESULT: Higgins 43.2%; Gallagher 24.1%; McGuinness 11.9%; Norris 10.1%; Mitchell 5.3%;
Davis 3.3%; Scallon 2%

1637 Dublin West by-election FIRST COUNT: Patrick Nulty 8,665; David McGuinness 7,742; Ruth Coppinger 7,542; Eithne Loftus 5,263; Paul Donnelly 3,173; Roderic O’Gorman 1,787; Barry Ceasar Hunt 775; John Frank Kidd 311; Gerry Bermingham 185; Brendan Patrick Doris 95; Jim Tallon 73; Beeny Cooney 51; Peadar O Ceallaigh 40

Excluded: Bermingham, Hunt, Cooney, Doris, Kidd, O Ceallaigh, Tallon

1629 Don't forget to send your election and count day images to Click here to see what has been sent in so far.

1622 Fine Gael TD for Cork South Central Jerry Buttimer has said that today has been a very bad one for his party.

He said that while he did not want to "rain on the disaster" for Gay Mitchell, he added that people did not warm to him in the campaign and that people did not see him as a President. Deputy Buttimer said that it was a problem for the party and an issue that will have to be addressed.

1621 Higgins has topped the poll in all three constituencies that have so far returned a result.

1617 Kildare North RESULT: Higgins 45.8%; Gallagher 26.9%; McGuinness 8.8%; Norris 8.1%; Mitchell 5.5%; Davis 2.8%; Scallon 2.1%

1605 The tally from Wicklow's postal vote shows the same picture. Of the 286 votes cast, Gallagher received a 30% share; Higgins 23% and Gay Mitchell 11%.

The share of other candidate's votes is consistent with current tally figures.

1603 Paschal Sheehy: Result of postal ballots in Cork highlights the influence of the Frontline debate

Postal votes were submitted BEFORE the debate took place. Postal result in Cork: Seán Gallagher 211 votes, Michael D Higgins 128 votes.

1602 Independent Presidential candidate Mary Davis has phoned Michael D Higgins to congratulate him on his expected election victory.

1550 Brian Hayes says Fine Gael will have to "look at the election in the round" now. He dismissed reports that Gay Mitchell was not the choice of some of the party leadership.

He said Irish people were looking for an Independent candidate and perhaps Gay Mitchell was too closely aligned to Fine Gael. Mr Hayes said it was a very good day for the Labour Party and he congratulated Michael D Higgins.

1548 Fine Gael’s Brian Hayes says Gay Mitchell’s numbers are "very disappointing". He says that the opinion poll results became a ''self-fulfilling prophecy'' with voters rowing in behind the two frontrunners.

The Minister of State for Public Service Reform and the Office of Public Works adds that Mitchell’s campaign never got ''traction'' and that the public were ''looking for an Independent candidate''.

1541 Dublin South-West RESULT: Higgins 40.1%; Gallagher 22%; McGuinness 16.6%; Norris 9.6%; Mitchell 6.5%; Davis 3.1%; Scallon 2.1%

1539 Dublin Mid-West RESULT: Higgins 40.3%; Gallagher 22.1%; McGuinness 15.9; Norris 10.2; Mitchell 6.5%; Davis 3.1; Scallon 2%

1534 Fianna Fáil candidate David McGuinness says it looks like 7,000 first preference votes for him in the Dublin West by-election. He says a huge effort has gone into the constituency in the past few weeks and that FF is heartened by the result.

Mr McGuinness says he believes it will come down to transfers in Dublin West and that they will wait with anticipation.

1529 On the Dublin West by-election, candidate Patrick Nulty says they are 'confident' based on the tallies.

1525 Update from the Wicklow count: Returning officer Patricia Casey has declared that the first count will be delayed due to a discrepancy in figures between presiding officers in polling stations and figures at the count centre in Greystones.

As a result, a number of ballot boxes will have to be rechecked and there is no official time declared for the first count yet.

1503 Environment Minister Phil Hogan has congratulated Michael D Higgins, saying he wishes him well as the next President of Ireland.

Speaking in Kilkenny, Phil Hogan said the Fine Gael result was very poor but would not describe it as a disaster.

1502 Garda Press reporting that it is ''quiet and peaceful in the park.''

1500 More information from the Red C Recall Poll for RTÉ on party association:

Seán Gallagher and the Fianna Fáil vote:

Michael D Higgins and the Labour vote:

Martin McGuinness and the Sinn Féin vote:

Dublin versus the rest of the country:

1445 David McCullagh: Michael D Higgins looks likely to get around 40% of the first preference vote in the Presidential election, and is certain to be Ireland's next President.

We have a long wait before we get official results - but the nationwide picture is pretty clear, thanks to an analysis of tallies in the 43 constituencies.

Michael D Higgins is likely to get around 39-40% of the first preference votes - he is also doing well on transfers, and is certain to be elected.

Seán Gallagher looks like getting 27-28%, with Martin McGuinness on around 15%.

Gay Mitchell and David Norris are battling for fourth place, with both on around 6%.

1427 Latest from Wicklow tally, where 80% of boxes have now been opened: Higgins 40%; Gallagher 30%; McGuinness 13%; Norris 8%; Mitchell 5%; Scallon & Davis 3% each.

1423 Labour's Jan O'Sullivan has admitted she did not think Michael D Higgins' expected victory in the Presidential election would be as "decisive".

Speaking at the count centre in Limerick - where Mr Higgins secured almost 50% of first preference votes according to tallies of city boxes - Deputy O'Sullivan paid tribute to the "transparent" campaign run by Mr Higgins.

1420 Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin becomes the latest politician to congratulate Michael D Higgins ''on his very strong performance in the Presidential election which will see him elected the 9th President of Ireland.

''Today is an exceptionally proud day for Michael D, his wife Sabina and their family.

''I have known Michael D Higgins for many years and he will make an excellent President and ambassador for Ireland.''

1416 Joe MagRaollaigh: Presidential returning officer Ríona Ní Fhlanghaile now says the first national count will likely be completed between 7-8pm tonight.

Having completed a ring around to all the constituencies over the last hour, she expects the first constituency count will not be completed until around 3.30pm.

It could be 8pm before all 43 are finished, at which point she will announce the first national result in Dublin Castle.

1413 McGuinness is at 31% in the Donegal North East tally, where 100% of boxes have been opened.

1438 Did the person below confuse the Presidential election with one of the referendums?

Dana ballot

Probably not. Send your election and count day images to

1412 It is the same trend in the tally from Galway East, where Higgins is at 45% with 100% of boxes opened.

1405 Here is the latest tally from Waterford, where 100% of boxes have now been opened. Higgins 37%; Gallagher 32%; McGuinness 14%; Mitchell 6%; Norris 5%; Scallon 3%; Davis 2%.

1403 RTÉ's John Kilraine now saying that the first count in the Dublin West by-election is not expected until 4pm.

1400 Master of multi-tasking he may be, but RTÉ’s Joe Mag Raollaigh has moved swiftly to clarify he is not in fact the Returning Officer at Dublin Castle, as reported earlier on the Irish Times website:

1358 Latest tallies from Dublin West by-election: Labour 24%; Fianna Fáil 22%; Socialist Party 21%; Fine Gael 15%; Sinn Féin 9%; Green Party 5%; Others 4%.

1354 One of Seán Gallagher's senior campaign managers, Jack Murray, said it was a very difficult day for Mr Gallagher.

On RTÉ Radio's News at One, Mr Murray said there had been a big switch from Mr Gallagher over the past few days.

He said Mr Gallagher had run a dynamic campaign and was likely to stay in public life. Mr Gallagher had huge respect for Michael D Higgins, he added.

Mr Murray also said a more experienced person would have dealt differently with the allegations on The Frontline and there would have been a different result today.

1353 With 90% of boxes opened in Cork South West, tally puts Higgins at 35%; Gallagher at 33%; McGuinness at 17%; Mitchell at 7%; Norris at 5%; Scallon at 3%; Davis 2%

1344 Click on the report to the left for all the latest from the One News

1338 Fine Gael's Leo Varadkar says he is consoled by the fact that Higgins will be the next President.

The Transport Minister said Fine Gael is having a very bad day following the results of both the Presidential election and the Dublin West by-election.

Speaking on RTÉ's News at One, he said both Gay Mitchell and Eithne Loftus deserved to do better. He said he did not believe the outcomes would unnerve people in Fine Gael.

1328 Labour leader Eamon Gilmore has congratulated Michael D on his achievement. Speaking on RTÉ's News At One, he said: ''I'm really happy for him... He ran a very positive campaign and I think people responded to that.''

He said the election was not a party political election and would have no impact on relations between the parties in Government.

1340 Joe MagRaoillaigh: 330 journalists accredited to Dublin Castle for count including Spainish, Italian, French and Turkish. Also some Sat Vans from closer to home.

1327 If Gay Mitchell remains in single figures, as early tallies suggest, he will have performed considerably worse than Austin Currie in the 1990 presidential campaign.

Until today, Currie's 1990 campaign was viewed as one of Fine Gael's most disastrous election campaigns when he garnered just 17.01% of the vote.

Fine Gael has never won a Presidential election, but it appears from the tallies that all other previous candidates have performed better than Gay Mitchell.

Some previous Fine Gael performances were: Gen Seán Mac Eoin (30% in 1945 and 43% in 1959), Tom O'Higgins (48% in 1973), Mary Bannoti (29% in 1997).

1321 FF Whip Seán Ó Fearghaíl said after the result of the explosion on The Frontline, the public picked from an independent to an independent-minded person.

He said a proportion of the FF vote in Kildare South went to the candidate traditionally associated with the party, Gallagher.

He observed at the early stages to distance himself from FF that backfired as in fact he has close association with the party, legitimate and proper associations.

1320 Kildare South TD Martin Heydon said he was disappointed by the low Fine Gael turnout for Gay Mitchell and felt for a while it was going to be difficult and they'll have to look back.

1318 Parliamentary Chairman of the Labour Party, Jack Wall said Higgins set the trend for the elections early in his campaign.

He ran a wonderful clean campaign, he said. He was not involved in any controversy and he didn't reflect on anyone else's.

1314 Paschal Sheehy: The picture emerging across the 13 constituencies in Munster is of Higgins firstly establishing a strong lead over Gallagher and then going on to consolidate his position.

McGuinness is also performing well and there may even be one or two places where he might edge Gallagher on first preferences.

These three candidates will be well ahead of the remaining four of Norris, Mitchell, Scallon and Davis.

Of these four, the story is of the dismal performance of Gay Mitchell.

Remember, buoyed by their performance in February's General Election Fine Gael had been talking enthusiastically of winning the Presidency for the first time in the party's history.

Now it is clear that the party's candidate has bombed.

At best he will finish fourth, possibly even in fifth, and here in Munster his percentage of the first preference vote is likely to be in single figures.

1257 A reminder of how things are looking at the Dublin West by-election: With all the boxes opened, Labour's Patrick Nulty looks like heading the poll and is likely to take the seat. Fianna Fáil's David McGuinness has polled surprisingly well. Tallies show he is in second place.

1256 The Red C Recall Poll for RTÉ News was conducted among 1,000 adults who had voted, and who had previously completed pre-election polls.

The margin of error is 3%, though it comes with a stronger health warning than in normal polls.

1252 Respondents in the RTÉ poll were asked to score the importance of characteristics out of ten.

Honest and integrity came top (8.8/10), followed by best candidate to represent Ireland abroad (8.54), and experience/qualifications (7.79).

Good for jobs/economy came next (6.91), followed by Independent (6.51) and "agree with political views" (6.39).

1250 According to the poll, majority of voters say the recent controversy surrounding Gallagher affected their decision - 35% said it impacted "a lot", and 20% "a little".

45% say it did not impact on their decision at all.

1250 38% of those polled said they finally decided who to vote for in the final two to three days of the campaign, with another 13% deciding last week.

1249 More than a quarter of voters changed their mind about who to give their first preference vote to in the final week of the Presidential campaigning - with Gallagher losing more than half of those.

According to a Red C Recall Poll for RTÉ News, 28% of voters switched their first preference in the final week, of whom 58% switched from Gallagher, the vast majority opting to support Higgins instead.

1243 Joe Mag Raollaigh: Returning Officer thinks first count in the Presidential election will be 6pm and it could well be that there is a declaration at that stage.

If it looks like they will get a final count by 12.30am or 1am, they will keep going.

All candidates are due at Dublin Castle at some point today and will get to say a few words once everything has been concluded.

President-elect will return on 11 November for inauguration.

1239 Tally from Cavan-Monaghan (with 53% of boxes open): Gallagher 42%; Higgins & McGuinness at 21%; Mitchell 8%; Norris 3%; Scallon 3%; Davis 2%

1238 100% of boxes open in Dublin West. Tallies: Labour at 25%, Fianna Fáil at 22%; Socialist Party at 20%, Fine Gael at 15%, Sinn Féin at 8%, Green Party at 5% and Independents at 4%. First count expected at 2pm.

1230 A specially extended News At One will be on air from 1230-1400 - Listen live here

1225 Tallies in Louth, Gallagher’s home county, put Higgins leading the poll with 35%. Gallagher is second with 29%. 46% of the boxes have been opened there.

1222 With 36% of boxes open in Tipperary North, tallies put Higgins at 34%; Gallagher at 37%; McGuinness at 11%; Mitchell at 9%; Norris on 4%; Scallon on 3% and Davis on 2%

1219 Almost all boxes have been opened at the Waterford count at this stage and Presiding Officer Niall Rooney is confident of a first count by 3.30pm.

Higgins stands a front-runner in the race for the Áras: latest tally figures are putting him at 36.5%, followed closely by Gallagher on 33.2%. About two thirds of these would be rural votes, the remainder urban.

1218 With 45% of boxes open in Kerry South, tally puts Higgins at 39%; Gallagher at 31%; McGuinness at 14%; Mitchell at 7%; Norris and Scallon at 4% and Davis at 2%

1213 Kerry North-West Limerick tally – with 47% of boxes open - puts Higgins at 42%; Gallagher at 26%; McGuinness at 17%; Mitchell at 5%; Norris and Scallon at 4% and Davis at 2%.

1157 Speaking on RTÉ Radio this morning, David Norris said he was quite certain that the next President will be Michael D Higgins and he wanted to send him his love and congratulations.

When you have such a concentration of power in the hands of the coalition, he said, it is good to have someone who will speak out on behalf of the marginalised.

He said it had been a bruising campaign and said some of the comments made about him in the media were less than charitable.

However, he said he had been collecting apologies in the newspapers in the past couple of days and that they told the truth in the end.

1152 John Kilraine: Fianna Fáil seem to be in with a chance of holding on to their only seat in the capital.

FF's David McGuinness is holding his own in second place (22%) in Dublin West.

1145 David McCullagh: It was supposed to be a cliffhanger - but the Presidential election appears done and dusted after just three hours of counting.

Although an official first count is unlikely before teatime, he says tallies indicate that Michael D Higgins will top the poll, ahead of Seán Gallagher, with Martin McGuinness coming in third after a strong performance.

In the Dublin West by-election, Labour's Patrick Nulty looks like heading the poll and is likely to take the seat - one surprise is the strong showing of Fianna Fáil's David McGuinness.

Norris at the RDS

1143 Senator Davis Norris has said he would like to be the first to congratulate Michael D Higgins on his strong performance today.

Speaking at the count centre in the RDS, he said it was a great day for Ireland. Senator Norris said that Michael D Higgins is "a bit of a maverick like myself."

1140 Galway East tally (with 50% of boxes open) puts Higgins at 43%; Gallagher at 31%; McGuinness at 12%; Mitchell at 7%; all other candidates at 2% each.

1138 With 100% of the boxes opened in Dublin’s south inner city Higgins is on 49%, followed by Gallagher on 15% and McGuinness on 13%.

1135 McGuinness leading with 38% in Donegal North East tallies, with 12% of boxes open.

1129 David McCullagh: Very early indications suggest the referendum on Oireachtas inquiries may be defeated.

1134 Keeping those counting fingers in good working order...

1125 Tallies are not being carried out in every constituency, but where they are being carried out, they are consistent – with Higgins in the lead - says Bryan Dobson.