Another opinion poll shows that Independent Candidate Seán Gallagher is on course to win the Presidential election on Thursday.

The Ipsos MRBI poll, for tomorrow's Irish Times, puts the Independent candidate on 40%, 15 points ahead of Labour's Michael D Higgins.

Mr Higgins has said it is clear from the opinion polls that the result of the Presidential election will be very close.

Speaking during a canvass on Grafton Street in Dublin earlier today, Mr Higgins said voters are now looking for substance and said he was a better and more substantial candidate than Seán Gallagher, who numerous polls in recent days have shown, holds a significant lead.

Mr Higgins said the pair stand for different versions of Ireland.

The Labour candidate said he never had a share, never had a company and was "100 miles away" from the Celtic Tiger.

He said people should ask where he and Seán Gallagher were for the past 15 years. He said he was in the Dáil, making the case against the excesses of the Celtic Tiger boom.

Mr Gallagher has said that while he is heartened by the latest opinion poll, he is not complacent and the important thing for his campaign now is to ensure that the greatest number of people vote in the election.

Speaking while canvassing in Roscommon Town this afternoon, Mr Gallagher said all his financial affairs were in order and that he would act with dignity at all times if elected President.

Mr Gallagher added his tax clearance certificate was on his website and showed he is tax compliant and has no outstanding issues.

Martin McGuinness was canvassing on Aranmore island, off the Co Donegal coast.

Mr McGuinness said he was the only candidate who is not part of the political establishment and who will stand up for people.

"This week's election can be the start of a new beginning for Ireland. I will be a President that stands for jobs, fairness and decency," he said.

Dana Rosemary Scallon canvassed in Ennis, Co Clare, today, where she met with the Ennis Cathedral Sunday mass congregation, before meeting the crowds at the Galway Races afterwards.

Speaking about the latest polls, which suggest that she is trailing badly, she said; "I never take any notice of the polls because I'm never anywhere but the bottom of them."

Mary Davis, who is also polling poorly, said she still believes she can win the election.

Campaigning in Dublin today, Ms Davis said she will be asking to people to vote on what they believe in themselves.

David Norris has said it is still all to play for in the Presidential election and he was very pleased with the 3% increase in his support in the Red C poll.