Increased funding is urgently needed to meet the demand in treating drug and alcohol addiction in Ireland, the Coolmine treatment community has said.

In its annual report, Coolmine said it directly supported over 1,100 addicts last year and provided rehabilitation and detox support to 320 people for drug and alcohol addictions.

The centre said an increasing number of young mothers are seeking treatment. It currently has 15 young women with children, as well as two expectant mothers, on its waiting list.

A growing number of people are also being treated outside Dublin.

Coolmine Chief Executive Paul Conlon said: "For every €1 spent on helping clients overcome their addiction, €3 is spent keeping a person in prison.

"30% of all Coolmine's referrals and admissions are through the courts with direct referral from the probation and prison services, with over 20% coming from Cork city and county.

"This has been a rising trend in recent years. In these difficult economic times we feel it is vital that our services are maintained."