The Minister of State with responsibility for primary care says she is taking legal advice on how to tackle below-cost selling of alcohol.

Minister Roisin Shortall was speaking at a seminar in Dublin on the impact on children of parental drug and alcohol misuse.

Alcohol Action Ireland - one of the co-organisers of the event – said that roughly one in 11 children is living with parents who have drink problems.

AAI said more information is needed about the numbers misusing alcohol so help can be provided.

Minister Shortall said the Government will have an action plan in place before the end of 2011 to tackle alcohol misuse.

One of the areas it is looking at is the availability of cheap drink.

Research presented at the event showed children of parents with alcohol and drug addictions are more likely to experience problems with mental health and social skills.

Delegates heard these problems can continue in adult life and affect their own children.