Kerry County Council will not decide until its September meeting at the earliest which - if any - of the candidates it will nominate to contest the presidential election.

A meeting of the council heard submissions earlier today from Mary Davis, David Norris, Seán Gallagher and Richard McSweeney, seeking the council's support for their nomination.

Afterwards, the council passed what a spokesman described as a 'motion of intent' to nominate Ms Davis.

However, the spokesman pointed out that similar motions can be passed on behalf of any other candidates up until the time the council votes on which candidate it will nominate.

The spokesman said the council will not decide on which candidate to nominate until after the order for the Presidential election has been signed.

Presidential candidates need the support of at least four county councils or 20 members of the Oireachtas to contest the election.

Official support cannot be given until a writ for the election is issued, something that is expected to happen towards the end of the year.

Fine Gael has selected former MEP Gay Mitchell as its party candidate, while Labour will put Michael D Higgins forward for election.

Elsehwhere, Tipperary North County Council has voted to support Mary Davis's nomination to run as an Independent in the forthcoming Presidential election.