A new report has found many psychoactive substances, which were banned last year, are available for purchase online.

Researchers found curiosity and availability were the main reasons people consumed products bought in head shops.

The National Advisory Committee on Drugs says vigilance is needed to monitor new substances, which may come onto the market.

Since legislation to counter the sale of psychoactive substances last year, over 90 head shops around the country have closed.

This report examines what was in the products being sold in these stores, what was known about their effects and possible responses to the issues surrounding supply and use of the substances.

Users tended to have a history of illegal drug use. While many reported negative side effects, just 1.5% of respondents sought medical or psychological help as a result.

Researchers at Dublin Institute of Technology have found many banned substances are still readily available for purchase over the internet, with some now being sold as food products.

Many claim to be legal, but when analysed were found to be illegal here.