The High Court has approved a settlement of €3.5m in the case of a teenage boy who suffered brain injuries at birth.

Cian Mangan, 14, who has cerebral palsy, took the action for negligence against the HSE through his mother Michelle Mangan from Fairfield Road, Faranree, Cork city.

Today's settlement was reached without admission of liability.

The court was told that Ms Mangan was in labour when she arrived at St Finbarr's Hospital in Cork on 1 June 1996.

Her lawyers told the court that alarm bells should have rung and urgent steps should have been taken shortly after her arrival at the hospital.

The court heard the minutes leading up to the birth were critical and it took a doctor ten minutes to arrive after he was called, when they claim he should have taken five minutes.

It was alleged staff failed to recognise the symptoms of foetal distress in time and there was an unacceptable delay in calling a doctor and delivering the baby.

Expert witnesses that were to give evidence at the trial would say the delay was unacceptable and amounted to negligence.

The HSE denied the claims and also had expert witnesses on hand to give evidence that the procedures followed were appropriate and the timeline acceptable.

However, because the timeline was so tight and there was 'real conflict' on the management of the delivery, Ms Mangan was happy to agree to a settlement of the case.

Mr Justice Brian McGovern approved the settlement of €3.5m. Cian Mangan thanked the judge in court.

Afterwards, Ms Mangan said she was really happy with the settlement. While her son had cerebral palsy, it did not hold him back, she said.

She said she had great family support and was now hoping to send her son to a few Manchester United matches.