A 35-year-old woman has appeared in court charged with organising, directing and running a brothel in Dublin.

The woman was arrested as part of the Garda National Immigration Bureau's Operation Mast, a two-year-investigation into human trafficking and organised prostitution.

She was one of 40 people, including a garda stationed in the west of Ireland, arrested.

Over 120 people were interviewed as part of the operation and 11 victims were identified and rescued.

The Garda is suspected of having provided falsified documentation which enabled a woman to remain illegally in the country.

He is believed to have become personally involved with her.

The court heard this morning that substantial amounts of money had passed through the 35-year-old woman's bank account, which she no longer had access to.

The court was also told that when charged, the woman replied: ‘I don't understand what you are talking about,’ but when charged again she replied: ‘I understand’.

The woman, who is originally from Nigeria, was remanded in custody by the Dublin District Court to appear again next week.