A group calling itself the Real IRA has threatened to kill more PSNI officers and voiced its opposition to Queen Elizabeth II’s state visit to Ireland next month.

The threats came when a masked member of the Real IRA addressed a crowd in a Derry cemetery.

He said dissidents will do their best to ensure their message is conveyed to the monarch.

He added that the police were 'as liable for execution as anyone regardless of their religion, cultural background or motivation'.

It follows the murder earlier this month of Catholic PSNI Constable Ronan Kerr, who was killed by a bomb in Omagh, Co Tyrone.

Less than 300 people attended the ceremony in Derry.

The rally was reported to have been organised by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement to mark the anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

The statement read: ‘Despite the best efforts of the media, big business and other power blocks to portray this visit as acceptable, we clearly state that the Irish people will not capitulate.

‘The Queen of England is wanted for war crimes in Ireland and not wanted on Irish soil.

‘We will do our best to ensure she and the gombeen class that act as her cheerleaders get that message.’

In the statement, the Real IRA said police officers would be targeted.

‘Oglaigh na hEireann (the IRA) call on any young nationalist who may have been sold the lie that the RUC/PSNI (Royal Ulster Constabulary/Police Service of Northern Ireland) is somehow an reformed, non-political police service to think again, those who think they are serving their community are in fact serving the occupation and will be treated as such,’ it said.

‘The GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association), Catholic church and constitutional nationalism will be unable to protect those who turn traitor, they are as liable for execution as anyone else regardless of their religion, cultural background or motivation.’

Also this month, motorists near Newry, Co Down, close to the border, drove past a car bomb when they moved cones placed there by police.

Today's statement said: 'The IRA repeat our warnings to civilians to stay away from the scenes of IRA attacks or alerts, we have noticed a pattern developing whereby the RUC/PSNI are deliberately putting civilians at risk.

'These so-called modern day heroes were brave enough to allow hundreds of non-combatants to pass a large IRA bomb in Newry, we do not believe that this was sheer incompetence on their behalf but a calculated action aimed at putting civilians in the danger zone to protect themselves and discredit republicans.

'With this in mind we ask both the public and all volunteers to be careful and vigilant, with the occupation forces coming under increased pressure from the resistance movement they are more likely to take drastic action out of desperation.'

The Real IRA said it was not in negotiations with the British government, Irish Government or anyone that represents them.

'Those who continually repeat this lie must explain their actions and we must clearly question their motivation, to them we say, don't judge the IRA by your standards. If the British are serious about discussing the restoration of Irish sovereignty then we will listen to their proposals, anything else is a waste of time.

'The IRA, in co-operation with others will continue to resist occupation to the best of our ability, anything less would be a betrayal of all those brave men and women who fill our graveyards this Easter.'