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0030 Laois-Offaly: The count will restart at 10am in the morning, with confirmation of the recount outcome.

0027 Laois-Offaly: The returning officer has confirmed that while counting and rechecking will continue for another short time, no result will be read out.

0016 Galway West: The recounting is continuing. There will be no result announcements until later in the morning.

0014 Laois-Offaly: The recount may not conclude tonight in Tullamore. The returning officer may suspend business until 10am.

0006 Laois-Offaly: The first count result in recount in Tullamore is due at 12.30am. Sean Flemming of Fianna Fáil says he may have lost 30 votes in the recheck/recount.

2319 The Week in Politics panel suggests Labour’s Joan Burton might get Enterprise, Trade and Innovation as her portfolio.

2317 Brian Dowling and Olivia O’Leary both agree that there are no issues at this point that could prevent a Fine Gael-Labour coalition.

2315 Stephen Collins, Political Editor, Irish Times, says Fianna Fáil is not used to the ‘psychological beating’ the way Fine Gael was in 2002, and he is not sure FF can survive it.

2314 Olivia O’Leary says being a Fianna Fáil candidate was like being a Catholic under the penal laws.

2313 Brian Dowling says there are large swathes of the country that are Fianna Fáil-free zones. He adds that the rebuilding process has to start from the ground up.

2312 Laois-Offaly: The count has been going on for 25 hours in Tullamore, says Ciarán Mullooly.

He says the long-running recount in does not seem to be deviating much from the first count.

2310 John O’Connor, The Munster Express, says Fianna Fáil has a long way to go if it is to rebuild its support in Waterford.

2307 Donal Hickey, Irish Examiner, says there was an ‘unusual’ outcome in Kerry South, with two Fianna Fáil gene pool Independent TDs and a Fine Gael candidate returned.

He also says that Labour’s Arthur Spring could become a fixture as a TD in North Kerry-West Limerick.

2305 Michael Duffy, The Mayo News, says there was a real sense of occasion in Castlebar last night.

2359 Phil Hogan refuses to be drawn on government issues. He simply says that, with over 70 seats, Fine Gael has a mandate for its policies.

2259 Brendan Howlin claims the number of ministries is ‘not in our [Labour’s] concerns at all.’

2256 Brendan Howlin says Labour is a party which will be stable and 'hold the course' if they are in a coalition government.

Mr Howlin says the ‘ball is in Fine Gael’s court’ on forming a government, and Labour are prepared for government or opposition.

Labour's Brendan Howlin

2254 Phil Hogan says Enda Kenny will be opening negotiations tomorrow with a view to forming a government by the end of the week.

2252 Asked about coalition partners, Phil Hogan says the election isn’t over and Enda Kenny has not yet been in contact with Labour leader Eamon Gilmore.

Fine Gael's Phil Hogan

2244 Labour's Brendan Howlin says parties can no longer ‘bank on any bedrock’. He believes there is a new electorate out there.

2243 Fine Gael's Phil Hogan says the Fianna Fáil lost a lot of its ‘republican idealism’ in recent years.

2243 Martin refuses to comment on whether Brian Lenihan will be Spokesperson for Finance, but says he and Lenihan ‘are at one’ on the issue.

2242 Fianna Fáil is looking at the Seanad elections starting tomorrow, and will be looking to see some female FF senators elected.

2240 I am satisfied I will have strong, talented TDs available - Martin.

2239 Mr Martin says politics is about ideals, and the goal now is renewal, which the public wants to engage in.

2238 Micheál Martin says politics is about much more than ‘branding’ and rules out changing the name of Fianna Fáil.

2234 Brian Dowling says ‘Fianna Fáil wasn’t punished, it was humiliated’.

2203 Labour has made an historic breakthrough by winning a seat for the first time in Galway East.

Colm Keaveney, a 39-year-old SIPTU official, took the last seat in the four-seat constituency without reaching the quota.

Labour leader Eamon Gilmore had targeted the constituency where he grew up for a seat, and had visited the area several times during the campaign.

Fianna Fáils Michael Kitt topped the poll, while Fine Gael's Paul Connaughton Junior and Ciaran Cannon were also elected.

2156 Galway East: Labour’s Colm Keaveney has been elected after the ninth and final count.

Fine Gael’s Tom McHugh was excluded.

2153 The Week in Politics will be broadcast at 10.30pm on RTÉ One tonight.

Fine Gael’s Director of Elections Phil Hogan, Labour’s and Brendan Howlin and Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin will appear on the show.

2149 Galway West: A recount is continuing. The recount, requested by Fine Gael candidate Fidelma Healy Eames, began at 7.20pm and will continue until the process is completed.

The count will then be adjourned and will resume in the morning.

There are no indications as to how long the recount process will take.

So far, two candidates have been declared elected in this five-seat constituency - Éamon Ó Cuív of Fianna Fáil and Labour's Derek Nolan.

2136 Galway West: The recount will continue tonight for as long as it takes to complete. The count is then likely to adjourn and resume in the morning.

2132 At this stage, only Galway East, Galway West, Laois-Offaly and Wicklow have not finished counting.

Wicklow has adjourned until tomorrow, and one seat remains in each Galway constituency.

2114 Galway East: Fianna Fáil’s Michael Kitt has topped the poll and has been elected on the eighth count.

Fine Gael's Paul Connaughton Junior and Ciaran Cannon have taken the next two seats after all three candidates exceeded the quota.

The fourth and final seat is set to go to Labour's Colm Keaveney, who will be elected without reaching the quota after Michael Kitt's surplus is divided.

2111 This is what a Galway West recount looks like.

2023 Laois-Offaly: Independent John Foley still says he will take last seat as ‘Offaly votes stay in Offaly’.

2011 A Fine Gael spokesperson said that the party would begin the process of contacting potential Government partners tomorrow.

The party believes that a government must be formed quickly, he said. FG's negotiating team is likely to be named before lunchtime.

1959 Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny today received congratulations by phone from European leaders Angela Merkel, David Cameron and José Manuel Barroso, among others.

Enda Kenny meets Angela Merkel earlier this month

1943 Galway East: Recount has been concluded. Fine Gael’s Tom McHugh is on 8,371, six more than Independent Tim Broderick.

Broderick has subsequently been excluded.

The Kilconnell publican, who campaigned against the downgrading of services at Portiuncla Hospital, conceded defeat and did not seek a recount.

Count eight will now begin.

1942 Galway West: Re-checking and recount of ALL ballot papers got underway in the last few minutes at the count centre in Leisureland.

The recount was requested by Fine Gael's Fidelma Healy Eames following the election of Labour's Derek Nolan to the second seat, after the tenth count this afternoon.

Labour's Derek Nolan celebrates his election

Fine Gael members are taking up positions around the count centre to conduct a fresh tally.

Before factoring in Nolan's surplus of 329 votes, Healy Eames was the lowest placed of the five remaining candidate with 56 votes separating her from party colleague Seán Kyne (7,059 against 7,003).

If the distribution of Nolan's surplus did not bridge that gap, Healy Eames would be eliminated.

Earlier, Fianna Fáil's Éamon Ó Cuív was deemed elected after the eighth count. Fine Gael's Brian Walsh is fancied to take the third seat.

With three seats still to be filled, Noel Grealish (IND), Catherine Connolly (IND), Healy Eames (FG), Kyne (FG) and Brian Walsh (FG) were the candidates remaining in the field after the tenth count.

1928 Green Party leader John Gormley has said his party has suffered the political consequences of putting the country first.

Mr Gormley, who stood in Dublin South East, was one of six Green candidates to lose their seats as the party’s Dáil representation was obliterated.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio, Mr Gormley said it was a dark day for the Green Party, and that some people were in a state of shock over the results of the General Election.

However he said there was also a sense of resilience and determination that they would continue as a party.

He said his party had done some very good things in Government, and that it wanted to continue as a political party to offer the people of this country a vision for the future.

1926 Galway West: The re-examination and recount of ALL ballot papers has just commenced, following the request from Fidelma Healy Eames of Fine Gael.

1920 Wicklow: Fianna Fáil candidate Dick Roche's election agent said Mr Roche still feels he is in with a shout for the last seat.

David Grant said the count is very close and Mr Roche is better positioned than his running mate to benefit from transfers further on in the count process.

He said any candidate would have done the same thing if in the same position as Mr Roche.

But Sinn Féin candidate John Brady said that while it was Mr Roche's democratic right to call for a recount, he did not believe Mr Roche was still in contention to retain his seat.

He described it as a face-saving exercise and a final kicking of the people from an outgoing minister before he leaves power.

Mr Brady added that because many of the count staff work for Wicklow County Council, the recount would bring the county to a standstill tomorrow.

Fine Gael candidate Simon Harris said Mr Roche's decision was disappointing.

He said any candidate is entitled to a full recount, but considering Mr Roche's position in the count it represents a significant waste of resources. He said power doesn't give up easily.

Fine Gael's Andrew Doyle said he didn't think the recount would materially change the outcome of the Wicklow election. He warned that a further recount may materialise when the last seat is being fought for.

1921 Laois-Offaly: The recount requested by Fine Gael candidate Liam Quinn will start tonight at 8.15pm.

1913 As it stands, the only constituencies yet to finish are Galway East, Galway West, Laois-Offaly and Wicklow. All four are involved in partial or full recounts.

1908 Labour’s Justice Spokesperson Pat Rabbitte has said it would be difficult for Fine Gael to discuss Ireland's economic situation with European counterparts, if the government were dependent on Independents.

Mr Rabbitte said it was vital in the national interest that there was a considered, thoughtful and prepared case for Ireland's participation in upcoming meetings in Europe.

1907 Fine Gael Spokesperson for Communications Leo Varadkar has refused to rule out the possibility of his party forming a government with like-minded Independents.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio, Mr Varadkar said his party needed to form a government relatively soon, but that government had to be an effective government.

He said he didn't think anybody wanted to put together a programme for government in a hurry that was not in the interests of the State.

1902 Galway East: Result of recount due soon.

Unofficial figures put Fine Gael's Tom McHugh six to ten votes ahead of Independent Tim Broderick.

Labour’s Colm Keaveney is still predicted to take the fourth seat.

1900 Wicklow: After the 13th count, none of the candidates had reached the quota of 11,764 and so outgoing Fianna Fáil Minister Dick Roche was eliminated.

However, returning officer Patricia Casey announced that Mr Roche had called for a full recount.

This was because just three votes separated Mr Roche and his running mate, Cllr Pat Fitzgerald from Arklow.

Ms Casey said the count would adjourn and the recount would begin tomorrow morning.

1843 David McCullagh: In Wicklow, after 12 counts, none of the five seats have yet been filled.

This is another constituency set to return three Fine Gael TDs; Labour should take a seat, unless the two lower placed candidates give a very bad transfer to leading Labour candidate Anne Ferris.

The final seat should be between Sinn Féin's John Brady and Independent Stephen Donnelly.

1841 Laois-Offaly: The returning officer has said she has agreed to a request from Fine Gael candidate Liam Quinn for a FULL re-examination and recount of the votes after the result of the tenth count.

The count showed a margin of just 26 votes between Mr Quinn and the Fianna Fáil candidate John Moloney.

Mr Quinn is due to be eliminated next, but has now sought the full recount.

The returning officer, Verona Lambe, has adjourned the count until 7.15pm when she says she will announce whether she intends to start the full recount tonight, or in the morning.

1833 Wicklow: There will be a FULL recount beginning tomorrow at 9am.

This is a result of a request from Fianna Fáil's Dick Roche after he was eliminated on the 13th count.

1833 Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar says his party will be seven short of a majority and there would be enough Independent TDs (excluding ULA) to do a deal with.

1830 Labour’s Pat Rabbitte says that it is Fine Gael's privilege to decide who to form the next government with.

1813 It is virtually unprecedented for a cabinet to be wiped out by the electorate in the way this one was, says David Davin-Power.

Sean Whelan, meanwhile, says there is a race against time to form a new government.

1812 David Davin-Power says Labour has to produce a deal that softens the blow of implementing Fine Gael policies.

Labour will want strong cabinet representation, he adds.

1809 Wicklow: The 13th count is being delayed by a recheck.

There are reports that Fianna Fáil candidates Dick Roche and Pat Fitzgerald may be neck and neck, and next to go.

1804 Laois-Offaly: Fine Gael party officials have told the returning officer they will now seek a FULL recount of the votes after the tenth county has been completed.

The decision follows confirmation that only 26 votes lie between Fine Gael candidate Liam Quinn and Fianna Fáil’s John Moloney at the bottom count.

It is expected that a full recount will be agreed to and will get under way in two hours’ time.

1730: The recount in Galway West will resume at 6.30pm.

1713 Cork South Central: Defeated Green Party candidate Dan Boyle has tweeted: ‘Taking time out. Obviously very disappointed. Making no decisions yet other than I will keep this account open.’

1707 Laois-Offaly: Fine Gael says a recount is now on the cards in Tullamore as FG’s Liam Quinn trails John Moloney of Fianna Fáil in count 10 by 16 votes.

1659 David McCullagh: In the last hour, the count in Carlow-Kilkenny finished, with Fine Gael taking the final three seats - Fianna Fáil and Labour had one each.

A recount continues in Galway East to determine if a Fine Gael or an Independent candidate is eliminated next, and a full recount is to begin in Galway West at 1830 - just 56 votes separate Fine Gael's Fidelma Healy Eames from her party colleague Seán Kyne.

1653 Wicklow: No candidate has reached quota after count 12. Labour's Conal Kavanagh eliminated. His 3,503 votes are now being redistributed.

1647: Laois-Offaly: Excluded Independent John Leahy leaves count in distressed state after family members console him.

1644 Wicklow: Labour’s Conal Kavanagh has been eliminated after the 12th count.

1642 Wicklow: Sinn Féin candidate John Brady suggests he could take the third seat. There are also doubts emerging about certainty of a Labour seat.

1635 Laois-Offaly: The next count is due in half an hour.

1625 Carlow-Kilkenny: Fine Gael’s JP Phelan, Phil Hogan and Pat Deering have been elected on the 13th and final count.

1625 Wexford: Newly-elected Independent TD Mick Wallace has expressed his thanks to the people of Wexford for their overwhelming support.

The property developer said: ‘It's not easy to put into words what has happened.

‘I feel a huge responsibility to the people of Wexford who have shown the courage to look for change and I do not carry it lightly.

‘I want to say thank you to the people of Wexford, who have now given me the opportunity of bringing a new approach.’

1617 Sinn Féin President and TD for Louth Gerry Adams said Fianna Fáil would be very welcome in Northern Ireland.

He also said the realignment of Irish politics could now begin on this side of the island.

1615 Fine Gael's Fidelma Healy Eames requested the full recount in the Galway West constituency.

Returning Officer Marian Chambers Higgins has acceded to the request and the count has been adjourned until 6:30pm when the recount of all ballot bundles will begin.

Ms Healy Eames was 56 votes behind party colleague Seán Kyne following the tenth count.

1608 Galway West: A full recount has been ordered at request of Fine Gael’s Fidelma Healy Eames. It will commence at 6.30pm.

1559 Wicklow and Galway East: These constituencies have yet to fill a seat.

1554 David McCullagh: The last four in Laois-Offaly look like one Fianna Fáil, one Sinn Fein, one Fine Gael, and either Fianna Fáil or Labour for the last seat.

Wicklow is likely to be the last constituency finished, and looks set to return three Fine Gael and one Labour, with either Sinn Féin or an Independent to take the last seat.

1553 Laois-Offaly: There is no recount after the ninth count. Independent John Leahy accepts defeat and is eliminated.

1553 Fianna Fáil has been reduced to just one TD in Dublin - Finance Minister Brian Lenihan - after Mary Hanafin lost her seat in Dún Laoghaire.

So far, 24 constituencies have no Fianna Fáil TDs, including those in Waterford, Tipperary, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Meath and Kerry.

1552 Galway West: Derk Nolan's surplus of 329 votes is now being distributed. Two of the of five seats have now been filled.

1545 Laois-Offaly: Independent John Leahy has been excluded after the ninth count.

1543 Galway West: Labour's Derek Nolan has taken the second seat.

1540 Galway West: Labour's Derek Nolan is expecting to take the second seat following the tenth count.

1539 Wicklow: The Green Party's Niall Byrne & Independent Peter Dempsey have been eliminated following the 11th count. Mr Byrne's 1,113 votes & Mr Dempsey's 1,673 votes are now being redistributed. No candidate has yet been elected in Wicklow.

1537: Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams said he will be sitting in Dáil and actively taking part.

Mr Adams said he would consider going into government with Fine Gael, and then very swiftly dismiss it.

‘We are not about putting Fine Gael into power.’

1534 Kerry South: Michael Gleeson of the South Kerry Independent Alliance says his organisation has fought the good fight and leaves the centre with its honour undiminished.

1526 Labour's Joan Burton says she believes that women have experience for government, because they are the ones who bear the brunt of heartache when their children emigrate.

1522 Wicklow: The 585 and 472 votes of Independents Nicky Kelly and Donal Kiernan are being redistributed in an 11th count.

There are rumours that Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams and his Fine Gael counterpart Enda Kenny could put in appearances at Wicklow count later.

Also, SF reportedly has legal advisers at the count centre.

1517 Carlow-Kilkenny: Labour’s Ann Phelan and Fianna Fáil’s John McGuinness have been elected on the 12th count.

Mr McGuiness was elected with 12,630 votes, while Ann Phelan got 14,160 votes.

1457 Dún Laoghaire: People Before Profit’s Richard Boyd Barrett takes the final seat, eliminating Fianna Fáil’s Mary Hanafin.

Mr Boyd Barrett did not reach the quota.

1452 Kerry South: Independents Tom Fleming and Michael Healy Rae elected on sixth and final count. Fine Gael's Tom Sheahan eliminated.

1449 Enda Kenny's brother, Cllr Henry Kenny says: 'It strengthened the character of Enda Kenny when the heave occurred and it made him a better leader.'

1445 Carlow-Kilkenny and Wicklow: No candidates yet elected

1443 Gerry Adams pictured on his way into RTÉ:

1436 Laois-Offaly candidate Brian Stanley says he believes Sinn Fein's role will be to defend ordinary working people against all the cuts.

1436 Wicklow: Independents Nicky Kelly and Donal Kiernan eliminated after tenth count.

1428 Joan Collins of the People Before Profit says she accosted Bertie Ahern outside the Dáil, not for publicity, but out of outrage.

'He [Ahern] didn't get his Bertie Bowl but he gave people a begging bowl.'

1427 Galway West: Sinn Féin’s Trevor Ó Clochartaigh eliminated on ninth count.

1424 Dún Laoghaire: Fine Gael's Mary Mitchell O’Connor elected on tenth count.

1419 Galway East: A recount has been under way since 9am.

1418 Michael Martin has said be believes he is the right person to lead Fianna Fáil in the future.

Mr Martin said that despite the the party’s disappointing performance in the election the feedback he has gotten has been extremely positive.

He said that in many cases Fianna Fail candidates had been the ‘last man standing’ and missed out by just a few hundred votes and he said this put the party in a strong position to rebuild and renew and that the party would give this ‘everything we have’.

1417 Laois Offaly: Fine Gael's Charlie Flanagan says he is very confident that they will win two seats there but he wouldn't call the last seat.

Mr Flanagan said he hopes that negotiations about a coalition would start quickly.

1412 Wicklow: Independent Gerry Kinsella eliminated on ninth count.

1409 David McCullagh: The final seat in Dún Laoghaire looks set to be a fight between Fianna Fáil's Mary Hanafin and Richard Boyd Barrett of People Before Profit, with Minister Hanafin expected to lose out, leaving just one Fianna Fáil TD, Brian Lenihan, in the capital.

No formal confirmation yet of any contacts on the formation of a new Government - but a coalition between Fine Gael and Labour remains the most likely option.

1402 Kerry South: Jackie Healy-Rae and his son, candidate Michael Healy-Rae, are still awaiting results in their constituency

South Kerry: Independent Michael Healy Rae objected very much to being linked with Fianna Fáil. He said he was never elected for any political party and he is an Independent.

He would not discuss whether he might join or offer support to a reduced Fianna Fáil parliamentary party.

If Fine Gael looked for a coalition with the Independents, he said he would look into the opportunity.

1355 Laois-Offaly: Fine Gael's Charles Flanagan, with 13,531 votes, elected after the eighth count.

1351 Wicklow: Independent Pat Kavanagh eliminated after eighth count.

1343 Cork South Central: Fianna Fáil’s Michael McGrath has been elected on the 12th count after the exclusion on Sinn Féin’s Chris O’Leary.

1342 Louth: Fine Gael's Peter Fitzpatrick elected on 13th count. Fianna Fáil's James Carroll excluded. Count is now complete.

1334 Wicklow: Following the elimination of Independent Eugene Finnegan, his votes are now being redistributed. No candidates have so far been elected.

Fine Gael's Andrew Doyle continues to lead the poll, with 10,123 votes - more than 1,500 short of the quota.

1330 Kerry South: Fine Gael’s Brendan Griffin elected on fifth count with 12,636 votes.

1324 Labour has conceded that Ivana Bacik will not take a seat in Dun Laoghaire following talks with the returning officer who was rechecking votes.

1322 Wicklow: Independent Eugene Finnegan eliminated on seventh count.

1320 Dún Laoghaire clarification: This morning the returning officer for Dún Laoghaire issued clarification of figures announced in the original count. This minor clarification resulted in a slight adjustment to the figures, but no change to the overall result up to that point, which was count nine and the exclusion of Labour’s Ivana Bacik.

However, that corrected result is still subject to a recheck of Ivana Bacik, Sean Barrett and Richard Boyd Barrett’s votes currently under way.

Until that process is complete, the exclusion of Ivana Bacik has not been officially confirmed, however it is expected that this will be confirmed once the recheck is complete.

1256 Wicklow: Independent Charlie Keddy has been eliminated on the sixth count

1251 Carlow-Kilkenny: Sinn Fein’s Kathleen Funchion eliminated on 11th count.

1245 Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore said no contacts yet had been made by Fine Gael with respect to forming a government with the Labour Party.

He said the initiative to form a new government rests with Fine Gael.

He said that as the second-largest party, Labour were willing to enter into coalition with Fine Gael.

1243 Galway West: Fianna Fáil's Eamon Ó Cuív is elected on the 8th count.

1242 Louth: Labour’s Gerald Nash elected on 12th count.

1233 Dún Laoghaire: Fine Gael's Sean Barrett elected.

1230 Dún Laoghaire: Green Party’s Ciaran Cuffe and Fianna Fáil Barry Andrews excluded shortly after each others on count six and seven respectively.

1228 Laois-Offaly: Fine Gael’s John Moran excluded on seventh count.

1223 Micheál Martin says FF's view is that Michael McGrath will be successful in Cork South Central

1220 Cork South Central: Fine Gael’s Jerry Buttimer has been elected on the 11th count.

1219 Micheál Martin says they are going to carve out a new era for Fianna Fáil.

1217 Sinn Féin tends to play politics in terms of party advancement, says Micheál Martin. He says the economic credibility of Sinn Féin is a huge issue.

1216 Fianna Fáil can and will survive 'of that I‘ve no doubt', says Mr Martin. He said the party accepts the democratic decision of the people and they will respond to that in the coming weeks and months.

1214 Mr Martin says he can rebuild the party and that he is linked with many good things in the past.

1213 Wicklow: Michael Mulvihill excluded on the fifth count.

1212 Micheál Martin says the only way for Fianna Fáil now is up, as far as he is concerned.

1208 Micheál Martin live now on RTÉ One Television / online

1207 Michael Healy Rae says he rejects the term 'gombeen politics' that is being used to describe the way Independents have secured their deals with former governments.

He said when an urban TD delivers for the inner city he's a hero, when it happened down the country, it was 'gombeen politics.'

1206 Labour’s Ciaran Lynch believes Michael McGrath will hold out for the final seat saying ‘he won't make a quota, but he will be the last one standing’.

‘What we seen (sic) on the doorsteps is people want to see a balanced and a fair government.’

He says it is early days to be looking at a coalition but negotiations will be set up.

1159 Fine Gael's John O'Mahony says: 'We made history here in Mayo to bring in four seats.'

'It was a risky strategy to go for the four seats… but when you win you are always right and it worked out for us on this occasion.'

1156 Fine Gael's Simon Coveney was elected in Cork South Central with 10,872 votes. 'This is a fantastic story for Fine Gael,' he said.

'We have a huge responsibility now, as well as a huge mandate, not only to put a government together, but to follow through on the commitments we made during this campaign. People need to judge Enda Kenny on his achievements.

'We will see a decisive period over the next three or four days and that's a good thing because the country no longer needs more indecisive dithering.'

1153 Coverage of the count continued at 11am on RTÉ Television. You can watch it live at the top of this page.

1148: Wicklow: Independent Anthony Fitzgerald excluded on fourth count.

1138 Louth: Labour's Mary Moran excluded on the eleventh count.

1139 Carlow-Kilkenny: Fianna Fáil’s Jennifer Murnane-O’Connor excluded on tenth count.

1124 Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny says: 'The gulf and the divide that was created between the people and government - that will not be allowed to continue. The next government belongs to the people, is of the people and is clearly going to work for the people.

'The pledges we have given in our five point plan, over the last number of weeks, are ones that we intend to follow through with.'

1123 Galway West: Fianna Fáil’s Frank Fahey excluded on seventh count.

1121 FG's Phil Hogan said the party would have needed 81 seats to achieve a single party government, but they would fall a few short of that.

On the putting together of a coalition government, he said there was significant common ground between the various parties and the Independents on the issues that affect the country.

He said when it comes to sharing out the key government positions, he said Fine Gael had been given a strong mandate by the electorate, and that mandate 'will have to be respected.'

1120 Graph showing count as it stands

1118 Fine Gael Director of Elections Phil Hogan is predicting that the party is on course for around 77 seats when all constituencies are declared.

1115 Laois-Offaly: Independent Eddie Fitzpatrick eliminated on sixth count.

1113 Graph showing first preference by party

1111 Wicklow: Independent Jim Tallon excluded on third count.

1110 Cork South Central: Fine Gael's Simon Coveney has been elected on the tenth count. FG's Deirdre Clune has been excluded

1109 Kerry South: Michael Gleeson of SKIA has been excluded after the fourth count.

1104 Kerry South: Fourth count result expected soon. 6,200 votes from Fianna Fáil’s John O'Donoghue now being distributed after he was excluded.

1056 Wicklow: Former minister and candidate Dick Roche has said it appears arithmetically very difficult and would now be pretty extraordinary if he were to hold his seat.

Making his first visit to the Wicklow count centre, Mr Roche said the Fianna Fáil performance in Wicklow was very disappointing and the outlook was pretty grim.

He said the party's performance had been disastrous, and it was now not looking good for Fianna Fáil across the country.

1048 Louth: Counting has resumed. There are two TDs left to elect in this constituency.

1038 RTÉ's Conor Brophy reports Dún Laoghaire recount is just about to begin.

1033 Wicklow: Counting has resumed. No TDs have yet been elected in this constituency.

1032 Waterford: Labour TD Ciara Conway said the people wanted change in this election and that the vote in Waterford reflected that.

1030 Kerry North- West Limerick: Newly-elected Labour TD Arthur Spring said he had ambitions for his area and for himself in the next Dail.

He said keeping young skilled people in this country was central to drive the economic recovery.

1028 Carlow-Kilkenny: Labour’s Des Hurley excluded on ninth count.

1022 Galway West: Fine Gael’s Hildegarde Naughton excluded on sixth count.

1015 Galway East: Recount in progress from count one.

1011 21 women have so far been elected to the 31st Dáil.

1010 Kerry South: Count has resumed. No TDs have yet been elected in this constituency.

1003 Enda Kenny addresses party members at a Dublin hotel last night

Enda Kenny

1000 Cork South Central: Labour's Ciarán Lynch has been elected on the ninth count.

0929 Cork South Central: Counting has resumed. Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin was elected on the first count Saturday.

0923 Carlow-Kilkenny: Counting has resumed. No TDs have yet been elected in this constituency.

0923 Galway West: Counting has resumed. No TDs have yet been elected in this constituency.

0921 Laois-Offaly: Counting has resumed. No TDs have yet been elected in this constituency.

0906: Galway East: Counting has resumed. No TDs have yet been elected in this constituency.

0850 For 34 constituencies it is all over, but for nine there is plenty more of this left to do

RDS count Saturday

0844 The Carlow Kilkenny count is due to resume at 9am and the Wicklow count at 10am.

0841 There are 35 seats left to fill: All 5 in Carlow Kilkenny, 4 in Cork South Central, 2 in Dún Laoghaire, 4 in Galway East, all 5 in Galway West, 3 in Kerry South, 5 in Laois Offaly, 2 in Louth and all 5 in Wicklow.

0827 Joan Burton (Lab) says the new Government will have to move very rapidly in the country's interests.

0825 Fine Gael's Alan Shatter tells Morning Ireland there is now a 'huge burden' on the party's shoulders.

0807 Morning Ireland is checking in with a number of counts around the country