The Garda Ombudsman Commission has rejected a claim by the Garda Representative Association of excessive and oppressive behaviour during a criminal investigation.

The GRA questioned the legal authority of some of the Ombudsman's investigators and the manner in which the investigation into Garda Brendan Whitty was carried out.

The garda is back on duty today after he was acquitted of assault by a jury last night following a six-day trial.

The Ombudsman Commission said it sees no need for the establishment of a judicial inquiry, but said it would co-operate with one if it was established.

The GRA this afternoon outlined more details in relation to its complaint against the Ombudsman Commission.

It says it received a complaint from a garda witness about the conduct of two members of the Ombudsman Commission.

GRA President Damien McCarthy said its lawyers will be writing to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Mr McCarthy said: 'We believe this case highlights a core reason why members of the Garda Síochána have become reluctant to draw their batons or incapacitant spray, through apprehension of excessive investigation.'