Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore has said the party will leave its motion of no confidence in the Government on the agenda for now.

Speaking on RTÉ's Six One, Eamon Gilmore said he was glad the date for the election had been set, although he was sorry it would not be sooner.

But he said the party would see how things develop over the coming 12-24 hours before deciding whether to proceed with the no confidence motion next week.

He said it had been tabled because the party came to the conclusion before Christmas that Fianna Fáil had a game plan to delay holding the election as long as possible in order to cling to power.

Mr Gilmore said the purpose of the no confidence motion was therefore to bring about the end of the Government.

The Labour leader said he did not know if it would be possible to make it to the election without further disruption in the Dáil as the Government was dysfunctional and disintegrating.

He added that if it were possible to hold the election before 11 March, the Labour Party would pursue that.

Mr Gilmore said the people now have 51 days to bring about change in this country.

He said the Labour Party would work every one of those days to mobilise people and ask them to become part of a movement for change that it is leading.

He said today marked a turning point - the beginning of a departure from the past and looking to the future. He predicted that the country's best days are ahead.