A judge in Belfast will decide on Friday the minimum term a man will serve for the murders of two people in Derry nearly 20 years ago.

Earlier this month, 51-year-old Colin Howell, of Glebe Road, Castlerock, Derry, pleaded guilty to murdering his wife, Lesley Howell, and his former lover's husband, RUC Constable Trevor Buchanan.

Their bodies were discovered in a fume-filled car in Derry in May 1991.

Police originally believed they had died by suicide, but the case was reopened last year, after Howell confessed his crimes to his second wife.

He was given two life sentences after pleading guilty to the murders at Belfast Crown Court earlier this month.

Howell's former lover, Hazel Stewart - who was married to Constable Buchanan at the time of his death - has also been charged with the double murder and is due to stand trial at a later date.