Two men involved in a feud between two Dublin criminal gangs have been jailed for eight years for carrying out a drive-by shooting.

Joseph Redmond, 33, and 26-year-old David Roche fired at least one shot into the home of an innocent woman who had no involvement in the feud or criminality.

Redmond is a key figure in one of the gangs while Roche's two brothers were two of 16 men shot dead as part of the feud

Gardaí say the jailing of Joseph Redmond and David Roche is important because it takes two significant feuding gang members off the streets

On 18 April last year David Roche drove an Audi A6 past a house on Keeper Road in Crumlin with Joseph Redmond in the passenger seat at around 10.30pm

They fired shots from a 22 semi-automatic pistol into the home of Lisa Clarke - an innocent woman who was sitting in her kitchen with her neighbour.

They then drove at speed up Bunting Road past a Garda car and fired another shot but they hit bollards, burst the tyres, threw the gun and a tea-towel out the window and were arrested before they could escape

Redmond has 41 previous convictions and is a significant figure in one of the two feuding criminal gangs. Roche’s brothers Noel and John were both shot dead because of the feud.