An application by Tipperary TD Michael Lowry against journalist Sam Smyth under the Defamation Act has been adjourned until 22 November.

Mr Lowry has taken the action in the Circuit Court under Section 34 of the Defamation Act 2009.

The act allows a person to get an order from the court if the court finds he or she has been defamed and also finds the defendant has no defence likely to succeed.

The case concerns comments made by Mr Smyth about the inquiry into Mr Lowry by the Moriarty Tribunal.

Mr Lowry alleges comments made by Sam Smyth in an article in the Irish Independent in May and on Tonight With Vincent Browne on TV3 in June were defamatory.

Mr Smyth's barrister, Brendan Kirwan, told the court today this was an unwarranted application and he would meet it head on.

The case was adjourned by agreement for hearing on 22 November.