An incident in which an animal, believed to be a kangaroo or a wallaby, was released onto the dance floor of a hotel in Dublin on Saturday night is being investigated by gardaí.

The incident took place during a 30th birthday party at the Clarion Hotel in Liffey Valley in Dublin.

Video footage shows a man picking up and swinging the animal while the theme tune to 'Skippy the Bush Kangaroo' is played in the background.

Hotel management and the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have said they are horrified by the incident.

Gardaí say they are investigating reports that the animal later died.

General Manager of the hotel, Garret Marrinan, said that they became aware of the incident when the manager on duty noticed a commotion on the dance floor.

When he went to investigate he saw what he believed was a large dog and instructed security to remove it.

By the time security arrived the animal and the box it was in had disappeared.

He said the hotel did not know it was a kangaroo until they were contacted by gardaí yesterday.

The hotel has passed on CCTV footage of the incident to help gardaí with their investigation.