The High Court today gave permission to banks and other lenders to repossess 13 properties, after their owners failed to repay the mortgages due on them.

Nine of the repossessions were granted by way of an order, while the other four were granted on the basis of consent given by both sides.

The largest number of repossessions was granted to Start Mortgages, while KBC Homeloans, AIB and Irish Nationwide Building Society were also granted permission.

In total there were 67 repossession cases listed today - 11 of which were new.

In a number of the cases where repossession orders were granted, the properties had been abandoned for some time by their owners, who could not be contacted by and did not engage with the financial institutions concerned, after falling into arrears.

Among the properties repossessed was a Dublin city centre pub.

Repossession of it was granted to Irish Nationwide Building Society on foot of €5.1m worth of loans given to its owner in 2006.

The owner, who is from Foxrock in Dublin, consented to its repossession.

Another case involved a couple who had their two investment properties and their family home in Belturbet, Co Cavan, repossessed by KBC Homeloans after falling into arrears in 2008.

All three properties were vacant.

The total amount owed to the bank by the couple is around €1m.

Another case involved a single woman in her 30s, who borrowed €330,000 between 2005 and 2007 to fund the purchase of a cottage and site in Cootehill, Co Cavan.

The woman, who ran a tile and bathroom business, fell into arrears in 2008 and they now stand at €66,000.

The court heard the lender, Start Mortgages, had not heard from the woman for a considerable period of time.