Alleged Kingston drug lord Christopher 'Dudus' Coke has arrived in New York to face drug and gun-trafficking charges following his extradition from Jamaica.

Mr Coke faces charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana and cocaine and conspiracy to illegally traffic in firearms in New York.

The alleged drug lord's bid to evade capture last month led to the deaths of 73 people in a west Kingston slum.

In a statement Mr Coke said: 'The whole country has been adversely affected by the process that has surrounded my extradition and I hope that my action today will go some way towards healing all who have suffered and will be of benefit to the community of Tivoli Gardens.'

Mr Coke managed to evade capture until Tuesday, amid rumours that he was either being sheltered on the island or had fled.

He had shaved his beard and was wearing a wig when he was picked up by police, who saw through the disguise.

If convicted, Mr Coke faces life in a US prison and millions of dollars in fines.