A 19-year-old Dublin man accused of murdering two Polish men has told the Central Criminal Court he was off his head on drink and drugs on the day of the killing.

David Curran of Lissadel Green, Drimnagh, has pleaded not guilty to murder, but guilty to manslaughter.

Pawel Kalite, 28, and Marius Szwajkos, 27, died after being stabbed in their heads with a screw driver outside their home on Benbulben Road, Drimnagh on 23 February 2008.

Seán Keogh, 21, of Vincent Street West, Inchicore has pleaded not guilty to the double murder.

Mr Curran said he started drinking vodka at 10am on the day he stabbed Mr Kalite and Mr Szwajkos.

He said he also drank six or seven alcopops, smoked seven cannabis joints and took about 15 tablets throughout the day.

In the evening he said he got a phone call from someone to say his father had been stabbed.

Although this was not true, he said at the time he believed it.

He ran to the takeaway in Drimnagh with a screwdriver he had stolen earlier in the day.

He was directed further up the road to where the two Polish men were standing outside a house.

He said he was roaring and shouting asking if they had stabbed his Da and when one of them came at him he stabbed him.

He said that when the second man came towards him he thought they were ‘coming for him’ and he went mad and stabbed the second man too.

He said he was off his head on drink and drugs. He was out of control.

But counsel for the prosecution put it to him that he was not out of control he was simply in a rage and deliberately killed the men who were standing in their own gateway and had not come near him.

He suggested that the story about thinking his father had been stabbed was a complete concoction made up afterwards to give him an excuse.

Mr Curran denied this. The trial continues tomorrow.