Bringing waste to an incinerator is set to become significantly more expensive under a new plan published this morning by the Minister for the Environment.

John Gormley is proposing a system of financial levies that would hit larger facilities the hardest an approach with implications for Dublin's proposed incinerator at Poolbeg.

Minister Gormley says he wants to ensure waste that can be recycled, or has a value, does not end-up in large incinerators or dumps simply because they are cheap.

His strategy is to impose a levy that acts as an effective financial penalty.

The proposals mean a tonne of waste going to landfill will have a €75 levy by 2012, however that figure could increase.

Incinerators face a similarly significant hit but larger facilities, which process more waste, will be compelled to pay more.

This strategy of a sliding scale of levies, poses a particular problem for Dublin's Poolbeg incinerator, with its massive 600,000 tonne capacity.

On top of that, incinerators also face a cap, or limit, on the amount of waste they can accept.