An auxiliary bishop in Dublin has sharply criticised Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's handling of the Murphy Report on clerical child sexual abuse.

In a letter to the priests of the diocese, Bishop Dermot O'Mahony rejected the suggestion that abuse was covered up.

He added that Dr Martin was 'unfair' when he described the management of cases as 'inexcusable'.

Bishop O'Mahony was an auxiliary bishop in Dublin for 21 years until he retired, but remains a bishop.

The Murphy Report said that his ‘handling of complaints and suspicions of child sexual abuse was particularly bad’.

For example, in Fr Ivan Payne's case, he allowed a psychiatric report which was clearly based on inaccurate information to be relied on by two archbishops.

In light of this and many other findings, Archbishop Martin ordered Bishop O'Mahony to cease confirming children and to stop leading a group which brings disabled people to Lourdes.

However, the latest edition of the Irish Catholic newspaper publishes correspondence in which Dr O'Mahony criticises Dr Martin's 'lack of support for the priests of the diocese'.

He also rejects the Archbishop's statement that the management of cases was inexcusable.

There are suggestions that some of the other three auxiliaries who have offered their resignations to Pope Benedict XVI may also be telling priests that they are extremely critical of Dr Martin.