Bishop Donal Murray of Limerick has told Mass goers he is reflecting on the decision that he now has to make and asks them for their continued prayers, especially over the coming week.

In a letter being read at all weekend Masses, Bishop Murray says he is acutely aware of the pain and anguish that has been experienced in the last week following the publication of the Murphy Report.

The report criticised him for acting inexcusably in relation to complaints and suspicions about Fr Tom Naughten when he and other bishops were presented with factual information that Fr Naughten was sexually abusing children subsequent to the complaints being received by him.

Meanwhile, Cardinal Sean Brady, Catholic Primate of All Ireland and Archbishop of Armagh, is to accompany Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to Rome to discuss with the Pope the findings of the Murphy Report

In an interview with RTÉ News, Cardinal Brady said that very many people are very angry with their Church and with their bishops and rightly so.

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He said he knew the Church had failed people and especially the survivors of abuse and that now is the time for action and accountability and the taking of responsibility for what has taken place.

Outlining some of the actions the Church intends to take, he said he will accompany Archbishop Martin to see Pope Benedict next week and discuss with him the findings of the Murphy Report.

In relation to one of those criticised in the Report, Bishop Donal Murray, Cardinal Brady said Dr Murray has been in contact with him and he is confident he will ‘do the right thing’.

He said he supports both the call made by Dr Martin for stronger leadership at this time and his request for those who are in a position to provide explanations for what happened within the church in relation to the abuse of children.

Pledging that the Church will work closely with the Minister for Children in ensuring that it observes the highest standards of safeguarding children, he also revealed that at next week's Conference of Bishops, one of the main discussions will be how to involve lay-people more in all aspects of church life.

Asked what he personally would have done, if he had discovered that his actions had in any way led to the abuse of a child, he said: ‘If I found myself in a situation where I was aware that my failure to act, had allowed or meant that other children were abused...then I think I would resign’.

Responding to Cardinal Brady's remarks, a spokesman for Bishop Donal Murray said that he had been in contact with Dr Brady throughout the week and that he had been appraised of his views.

The spokesman added that the Bishop of Limerick had also emphasised since the Murphy Report was published that he would not have to be forced out of office.