Minister for the Environment John Gormley has said former Anglo Irish Bank boss Sean Fitzpatrick should be 'pursued for every penny' he owes.

He said there can be 'no preferential treatment' he was confident that Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan would 'not spare' Mr Fitzpatrick.

The former Anglo Irish Bank chief resigned last December in controversy over directors' loans.

It is believed that Mr Fitzpatrick had loans worth €106m from Anglo Irish Bank.

Those borrowings were used for investments in film schemes, investment properties, a Nigerian oil project and the purchase of now worthless Anglo shares.

It has been reported that Mr Fitzpatrick cannot pay all the monthly interest of €400,000 on the borrowings.

Neither the bank nor the Minister for Finance have commented on the loans, citing confidentiality agreements covering borrowers.

Elsewhere, the Towards A Green New Deal report claims that Anglo Irish Bank should be reconfigured as a green bank acting as a driver for environmental finance and business development.

The Sustainable Development Council, COMHAR, says Ireland will need to invest €3.7bn into green stimulus packages to get the economy moving again.

The details are contained in a report which was published in Dublin this morning.