Police in Los Angeles say a multi-million dollar Andy Warhol art collection has been stolen from a private home in the city.

Among the missing works are 10 pieces created by Warhol in the late 1970s depicting famous athletes, including Muhammad Ali and OJ Simpson.

The paintings were commissioned by businessman and art collector Richard Weisman.

They were stolen from his West Los Angeles home, along with a Warhol portrait of Mr Weisman, a Los Angeles Police spokeswoman said.

Mr Weisman was not home at the time of the burglary and there was no sign of forced entry at the home, police said.

Nothing else was taken by the thieves, who left behind several other Warhol paintings.

A $1m reward has been offered for information leading to their recovery.

Andy Warhol, a leading figure in the pop art movement, died in 1987.