The TEEU has suspended the strike action by electricians which brought work in the construction sites almost to a halt over the past number of days.

At a meeting of the union's executive, it was decided that workers would be instructed to return to work tomorrow.

However, the TEEU have also said the deferral of pickets was a temporary measure pending the response by employers.

The TEEU will meet again on Thursday to discuss the reaction of employers.

The Electrical Contractors Association is expected to give its response to the recommendations early in the coming week.

However, the Association of Electrical Contractors of Ireland has said it will need time to consult members and hold a ballot if necessary.

The Labour Court has recommended that electricians should receive a 4.9% pay rise.

It would be phased in by means of a 2.5% increase in September, with the remaining 2.4% introduced on the first of January.