The Labour Party has published legislation to widen the scope of the Redress Board for the survivors of abuse, and to address other concerns raised after the publication of the Ryan Report.

The Institutional Child Abuse Bill would allow more people to apply for Redress, by raising the relevant age, extending the deadline for applications, and increasing the number of institutions covered.

Education spokesperson Ruairi Quinn said it was impossible to know how many extra people might seek redress if the terms were changed, but they believed that in principle ‘the door should be reopened’.

The Bill would also ensure that the records of the Ryan Commission are not destroyed, lift the gagging clause on those who gave evidence, and require an independent audit of the assets of religious orders.

Justice spokesperson Pat Rabbitte said it was vital to keep up the pressure.

He said the report of the Ryan Commission had left an ‘indelible stain of shame on this country’.