Police investigating the murder of 49-year-old Kevin McDaid in Coleraine have this evening arrested six men.

A number of other men arrested earlier are still in custody.

There are now 11 men in custody.

A murder inquiry was launched after a 49-year-old man died following the fatal assault in the Coleraine area of Co Derry.

Local politicians say Kevin McDaid was fatally injured when a large group of loyalists, armed with sticks, drove into a housing estate following football matches in Scotland involving Rangers and Celtic.

Police confirmed that there was a disturbance in the Somerset Drive area around 9.30pm last night.

Local DUP MP Gregory Campbell said the killing was to be condemned, while Sinn Féin said the attack was sectarian.

Earlier, in another disturbance, a 46-year-old man was seriously injured at Tate's Lane.

He was taken to hospital for treatment.