Suicide and bomb attacks have killed 25 people in Iraq, with most of the attacks occurring in Baghdad.

Yesterday, a massive bomb devastated a Shia neighbourhood in the city, killing 40 people.

This morning, a bomber detonated explosives in a crowded market in southern Dora neighbourhood, killing himself and at least 12 others.

The bomber targeted a US patrol, which was passing through a popular Assyrian market in the mixed neighbourhood.

Shortly before that, a bomb exploded in a rubbish bin inside a Baghdad police station, killing three policemen and injuring 20, among them 12 officers and eight civilians.

Earlier, a suicide bomber killed eight members of an anti al-Qaeda militia in the northern city of Kirkuk as they were lining up to receive their salaries.

Iraqi vice president Tarek al-Hashemi, a Sunni, called for national unity in the wake of the renewed violence.

Despite a surge in violence in the past month, Iraq has insisted that the US pullout timetable outlined in a landmark security pact signed with Washington in November will not be affected.