Two suicide bombers have left at least 75 people dead in separate attacks in Iraq.

In Baghdad, 28 people died in an explosion in the southeast of the city.

Police were distributing relief supplies to Iraqis who had been driven from their homes when the bomber detonated his explosives.

A further 50 people were wounded and at least five children were among the dead, according to police.

The second attack occurred near Muqdadiya, 80km northeast of Baghdad, in the volatile northeastern province of Diyala.

It is understood the suicide bomber targeted a group of Iranian pilgrims in a restaurant.

Most of the 47 dead are believed to be Iranians visiting Shia Muslim religious sites in Iraq. Dozens more were wounded.

Violence across Iraq has fallen sharply over the past year, but insurgents still carry out regular attacks.

Shortly after the two attacks, the authorities in Baghdad said they had arrested the purported leader of an al Qaeda-affiliated insurgent group, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi.

His arrest, which has been reported before, could not be confirmed.