The trial has begun of a 25-year-old Limerick man accused of the murder of Frank Ryan in Moyross two and a half years ago.

Gary Campion of Pineview Gardens denies shooting the 21-year-old twice in the head on 17 September 2006.

In her opening statement at the start of the trial at the Central Criminal Court sitting in Cloverhill, prosecuting counsel Aileen Donnelly spoke of the victim, known as Frankie.

She said he was not an angel, but that did not matter, he had a right to life as everyone has in this country.

On the day of his murder she said he was out 'spinning' - driving around in his car - picking up some people - dropping off others. One of those who got into the back of his car was Mr Campion who lived near him in Moyross.

It is the prosecution's case that Mr Campion got into the back of Mr Ryan's car and shot him twice in the head - the first shot from inside the car, the second shot fired from outside.

Both bullets went through the back of Mr Ryan's left ear and out through his right cheekbone and right temple in what the court heard was 'an execution-style killing'.

The prosecution also says that it has an eyewitness to the murder who will give direct evidence.

Errol Ibrahim had been travelling in the car with the victim that day and was one of those people Mr Ryan had picked up.

Mr Campion denies the murder.

The case is being presided over by Mr Justice Paul Carney and is expected to last until May.