The inquest into the death of 14-year old Brian Rossiter has heard he told a friend, the night before he was found unconscious in a garda station cell, that he had been beaten by gardaí.

The inquest has also been told that the 14-year-old was out of control and striking out trying to free himself when he arrived at Clonmel Garda Station after his arrest.

Brian Rossiter and Anthony O'Sullivan had been hanging around together for some time and were both aged 14 when Brian died, the inquest heard.

Anthony O'Sullivan said that he and Brian drank cider and smoked some hash in a friend's flat on the evening of their arrest on 10 September 2002. He denied that they had taken the drug ecstasy.

Later, he said, they shouted abuse at gardaí after another friend was arrested following a disturbance on the street.

They ran away and got separated but both were arrested a short time later.

Anthony O'Sullivan told the inquest that Brian was put in the cell next to him at Clonmel Garda Station. He said Brian shouted to him that gardaí 'were after beating him and killing him'.

Garda Anne-Marie Coogan told the inquest Brian Rossiter was intoxicated when he arrived at the station after his arrest.

She said he was shouting and roaring. He was very aggressive and was striking out trying to free himself.

The hearing continues.