A witness at the inquest into the death of 14-year-old Brian Rossiter has said gardaí were rough and using force when they were arresting him and another boy.

Anne-Marie Hannigan said she saw Brian Rossiter and Anthony O'Sullivan on the night they were arrested.

She said they were disorderly and drunk on the street and each had a bottle of cider.

Anne-Marie Hannigan was on Mitchell Street in Clonmel at 9pm on the night Brian Rossiter was arrested.

She said she heard shouting coming up the street and saw Brian Rossiter, Anthony O'Sullivan and Daniel Leahy.

Brian Rossiter and Anthony O'Sullivan each had a two-litre bottle of cider.

She described them as being disorderly and drunk.

Daniel Leahy was taken away in handcuffs by a garda who arrived a short time later while, she said, Brian Rossiter and Anthony O'Sullivan shouted abuse at two other gardaí and ran to Gladstone Street.

In her statement Ms Hannigan said when she arrived at Gladstone Street the gardaí had arrested Brian Rossiter and Anthony O'Sullivan.

She said they were grabbed with their hands up behind their backs.

However, in her direct evidence this afternoon Anne Marie Hannigan said everything in her statement had not been read out.

She said she had said in her statement that the gardaí were rough and using force when Brian Rossiter and Anthony O'Sullivan tried to get away.

Earlier, Bernie Rouse, a GP working in the medical practice opposite Clonmel Garda Station, described the scene after she was called to resuscitate Brian Rossiter.

She said he had black/blue bruising on his chest wall and two black eyes, but she did not notice any abrasions on his face.

Dr Bernie Rouse said Brian Rossiter was lying on the floor outside his cell totally still.

She said she was quite shocked and wondered if he was alive or dead.

She and a colleague performed CPR on Brian Rossiter but there was a sense of not knowing what they were dealing with and she did not remember getting any clear answers about what had happened.

The inquest has been adjourned and will resume in the morning.