A Fianna Fáil Senator who assaulted a businessman he met in the toilets of a hotel in the midlands has pleaded guilty to the offence at a sitting of the District Court in Mullingar.

67-year-old Camillus Glynn, who told the court he had been involved in public life for 29 years, punched businessman Tommy Wright in the face after an exchange of words in the toilets of the Annebrook Hotel in Mullingar on 25 May this year.

Senator Glynn admitted the offence and through his solicitor said he was deeply apologetic.

Mr Wright, who is a former Fianna Fáil councillor, was not present in court this morning but was being consulted by telephone with regard to a charity to which Senator Glynn will be making a payment by order of the court.

Judge John Neilan has said the Senator should pay €2,500 to
the Mullingar branch of St Vincent de Paul.

The Judge said that in light of Senator Glynn's previous record he would apply the Probation of Offenders Act.