Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has ruled out any return to the Tallaght Strategy where the opposition support government measures during the economic crisis of the 1980s.

Mr Kenny also said the Government has failed to deal with a 'bloated and inefficient' public service.

On the eve of tomorrow's pay talks, Mr Kenny said the Government paid millions extra through the benchmarking process five years ago, without requiring any increased efficiency from the public service.

He said the Government should publish the list of agencies that are irrelevant and doing repetitive work, and open up the public service to outside competition.

He said within the public service there were brilliant people, but that it had become bloated and inefficient in too many areas.

Speaking on RTE Radio's This Week programme, Mr Kenny dismissed any suggestions of a return to the Tallaght Strategy where the opposition supported the then government on economic measures during the late 1980s.

He said Fine Gael would work in the interest of the economy and the people.

Asked about the possibility of incentives for those trying to get on the property ladder, Mr Kenny said there are real opportunities in the construction sector, in the school building programme and in road and rail infrastructure.

He said Fianna Fáil should not bow to pressure from their friends in the construction sector who had 'bolstered up the party'.