A High Court action taken by RTÉ against the Broadcasting Complaints Commission over a decision made against the station in its coverage of the Ferns inquiry into sexual abuse has been settled.

The court heard that the BCC upheld a complaint made by one viewer about a background image using religious symbols in a report on the findings of the Ferns inquiry.

The viewer had complained about what he claimed was a 'profane use of the sacramentals' referring to the appearance of rosary beads, a priest's collar and a bible or breviary as a background.

The BCC upheld the complaint on the basis that it was inappropriate and likely to offend taste and decency.

Under the terms of the settlement agreed today, RTÉ is no longer required to broadcast the terms of the BCC's decision.

The BCC will also put a statement in its annual report and on its website alongside the decision, stating that the decision was challenged by RTÉ in the High Court and a settlement was agreed by the parties.