The family of a man left needing permanent hospital care after he was shot in the head has strongly criticised the imposition of a 12-year sentence imposed on the gunman today.

Jonathan Dunne shot his friend Ian Kenny in the head in his car in Stillorgan in Dublin last July. 

Mr Justice Paul Carney said today he considered sending him to jail for life for the attempted murder, but because of his age, background and early plea he gave him 12 years.

The family say they did not get justice and that the sentence is not a deterrent but a disgrace.

They said it sends out the wrong message that if you shoot someone, you will not spend long in jail.

Kathleen Kenny, the victim's mother, said the judges are letting the gunmen off, the Government is letting them off and the Minister for Justice is letting them off.

RTÉ Radio's Liveline broadcast an interview with Kathleen Kenny yesterday afternoon, and today Mr Justice Carney said that presenter Joe Duffy had interfered in the case while sentencing was still a live issue.

He invited any party to the proceedings to apply to have Mr Duffy's interference referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Afterwards, the Kenny family said that the judge was more interested in Joe Duffy than he was in their son getting shot.