Two Irish people are among a group arrested in Britain in a series of raids aimed at breaking-up a €135m cocaine operation.

Among the 22 people arrested are suspects with British, Israeli, Iraqi, Egyptian and Irish backgrounds.

Police used a mechanical digger to smash into the luxury west London home of one of the suspects behind the drugs empire.

Officers entered inside the house after a hole was smashed in the wall.

The dawn raid was one of more than 30 that took place throughout the day at homes and businesses across London and surrounding counties.

Senior officers said the operation wiped out one of Britain's biggest cocaine rings and struck a huge blow against the illegal trade.

About 110kg of cocaine, with a street value of €7.4m, was seized as 22 people were arrested and several guns recovered.

Scotland Yard said the move, which involved 520 officers and took seven weeks to plan, was the largest simultaneous set of raids it has ever undertaken.

Officers refused to say where the cocaine and cannabis were imported from, but said the supply was sold on across the UK.

As the raids took place, police moved to freeze bank accounts and access to properties across mainland Europe.