A former Fianna Fáil councillor has denied receiving a £12,000 bribe from lobbyist Frank Dunlop for supporting the Quarryvale rezoning.

But Sean Gilbride admitted to the Mahon Tribunal that he did get a £2,000 cash donation from Mr Dunlop for the 1991 local elections.

He said Mr Dunlop drove out to his home in north Co Dublin and handed over a bundle of cash in late May that year.

Patricia Dillon SC put it to Mr Gilbride that he had enough money left over following the local election campaign to lodge £2,000 to his bank account that August.

Mr Gilbridge said he got £1,000 from a family collection in Sligo and had £1,000 left over from Mr Dunlop's donation.

He said he did not spend a lavish amount on his successful one month election campaign but could not say how much.

Mr Gilbride said he did a lot of knocking on doors and while he spent a couple of hundred on leaflets, the expenses for canvassers would be paid for by the party.

He said he does not know why he did not reveal the £2,000 payment from Mr Dunlop to the Fianna Fáil inquiry in the year 2000.

He denied Mr Dunlop's allegation that he asked for a £15,000 bribe and accepted £12,000.

Under questioning by Ms Dillon he denied saying telling Mr Dunlop that the 'lads will be satisfied with that', suggesting that he intended to 'lay off' money to other councillors.