An AIB official has told the Mahon Tribunal that Bertie Ahern was given an unsecured loan of more than £19,000 without a repayment schedule when Minister for Finance.

Former assistant manager Philip Murphy said the original loan application form cannot be found. 

He also said he had forgot discussing with Mr Ahern the opening of a special savings account on the same day he agreed to authorise the loan.

Mr Murphy said the loan of more than £19,000 in December 1993 was for Bertie Ahern's legal expenses following his marital breakup.

He said there was no letter of sanction, repayment schedule agreed or security provided.

Mr Murphy said as Minister for Finance Mr Ahern was considered a good risk.

He said Mr Ahern did not tell him he had £50,000 in cash savings at the time.

Mr Murphy admitted that one would have to question whether it would have cheaper for Mr Ahern to use his own money.

Tribunal counsel showed Mr Murphy a tax declaration form for a special savings account filled out by him for Mr Ahern dated the same day he agreed to the loan.